Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Little Something Cute

I just need cuteness around me.  It's a disease.

And no, as cute as third graders are, they don't quite qualify.

I had to buy a new binder this year for my lesson plan book (I make my own lesson plan templates with Pages - LOVE ME MY PAGES!) and I found the cutest green binder.

(Turns out Baby Bee and I ended up picking out the same binder color and we didn't realize it until tonight when I was reorganizing my new binder.  The green binder apple does not fall far from the tree.)

So....what makes this all so cute?

Did you know she sells her designs on etsy?  
Uh - you've caught me.  I ran out of blue ink tonight.  But don't worry, I'll make a copy again!

I've bought a couple of her digital paper packs and I adore them!  

Haven't used them yet, but this seemed like the perfect opportunity.
This set is called Summer Cottage. 

Now wouldn't you be happy with a binder as cute as this???

Oh yeah, I know you would.  

So head on over!  Check out Jenny's adorable shop
(You won't be sorry!)

So glad to see you buzz on in here!
Still busy getting things going with my students and teaching team.  
I've got a three day weekend and I hope to be laboring a lot this weekend!
Maybe you'll see some transformations - and then again - it might be too hot! 
(No, I'm not pregnant - I know you thought that for a second!)



  1. I always did my own lesson plans and put them in a binder, too. But yours is WAY cuter than mine ever hoped to be! I hopped over to the Etsy shop and you're right. Jenny's designs are a cute as can be!

  2. Hi..... I was stopping by in hopes you could help me with something..... I've been nominated in a Martha Stewart Contest and I am needing Votes in order to Win....I was wondering if you would mind taking the time to help me out. I am also, doing a giveaway as a Thanks for your support......just visit my blog for the links! Thanks so much in advance. If you ever need anything for me...I will be glad to return the favor...just let me know!

  3. So cute!!! I love Jenny's work and her site. And have you seen her sewing room? Love it. I love how you used the papers for your lesson book. It's adorable! ~Angela~

  4. Adorable! Of course, it has cherries, gingham, and roses!


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