Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm Conflicted Part 2

So, I mentioned yesterday that I'm of two minds.  (I think I like too many things - and - uh don't worry - Worker Bee is all too aware of this)

I love the sort of beachy look my living room is starting to take on.

But then I see things like this and I'm all in love again.
And, BTW, does anybody sell Greengate of Denmark in the good ol' USA?  please?  
So the color palette is similar to the beachy look I'm loving too.  But I see flowers.  Lots of flowers!  
Greens, blues, whites, and rosey reds.
Can someone please teach me how to crochet?  I love these little edges and I have no clue how to do them.
 Florals really have my heart too - just like the beach does.  Note the aqua settee.  Purrrrrrr. (oh that's right - I should say buzzzzzzz, but sometimes purr is the perfect onomatopoeia)
And vintage barkcloth florals?  Why they make my heart go pitter patter!
Green wall and vintage plates - more floral happiness, but it's probably the green wall that really gets me excited.

And then I'm drawn to the colors of this vintage pottery.

And this?  Why it's just a pretty little picture!

Now....your turn to weigh in.
Can my little cottage be both beachy and flowery? 
And I have to take into consideration what Worker Bee will be comfortable with.  
Would the flowers be too much?  

Will Sweet Bee Cottage start to have multiple personalities?  Will that be okay 

And here's a little something to remember 
the beachy look I'm dreaming about.

Wanna' see more inspiration?  Check out my "Now This Just Says Cottage to Me" board on pinterest.


  1. Oh, I just love Greengate, too! My sister in law told me that she would help me organize a trip for all of us bloggers who love Cath Kidston and Greengate, and we could go shopping! Wouldn't that be fun! This post is adorable, and I think I love every single picture you chose!

  2. 1. I just L O V E Greengate.
    2. I know exactly what you mean being torn with beachy or Greengate, but you can mix them.
    3. I will gladly teach you to crochet the edges - it really isn't hard - you would just have to come to the beach in California.

  3. Oh wow, I understand your conflict!
    I had the same problem with my kitchen re-do.
    It just took on a life of it's own.
    I love Green Gate too-haven't heard it's available in North America yet.
    Check out my Pinterest for a crochet tutorial:)

  4. I feel your pain!!! My kitchen is retro aqua and red, the dining room is shabby chic, the living room is cottagey modern and our bedroom is vintage patriotic...although I really want to do it more floral modern!!!

  5. The beachy look is my favorite. If I can't like there I at least can look as though I do. It is all so cute.

  6. You just need a second home to I, too, love all of the Cath look...the flowers, the colors, all of it!
    As for Art & Sand's not hard to learn. You have your choice go to the beach in CA or come to Fl and I'll happily teach you. :-) Such a choice!


  7. I'm loving that green wall with the plates. I could swim in that color.

  8. I was going to leave one long run-on sentence comment on your most recent post about all of your most recent posts but that was too confusing and overwhelming so I'll do them one at a time. (Wow, that was a pretty long run-on sentence!)
    I am so glad to know there is someone as conflicted as me about style! I love, love the beachy look, the cottage look, the Scandanavian modern look and the Cath Kidston look. Help me!!
    If you ever hear that Greengate is available anywhere in the U.S., please promise that you'll let me know and I'll do the same for you!


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