Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You Know You've Been Blogging Too Long When...

You start thinking about hosting a linky party!

Yes, I am thinking (what am I thinking!) about starting one.  

I've even gone so far as to design some possible buttons for it.  

Do you like one better than the other?  
I think I do, but now I want to add some things to it.

I've thought about what "my rules" would be...
 your link must be something you're excited about,
such as
home projects,
 things you've seen that you are drooling over, 
things you're dreaming about doing, 
somethings you're excited to be listing in your etsy shop,
Just what you are feeling that buzzzzz about!  
Hmmm....anybody else notice that these are things I frequently blog about?

So, I'm asking you,
would you want to participate?
I have to pick a day and I'm thinking about Sunday as in "What are you buzzing about Sunday?"  

Am I crazy to even think about this?

Thanks again for buzzing along with me!  
I am always so delighted to see you have stopped by for a visit.
I am crazy, aren't I?

And........will you still come visit even if I don't start a linky???


  1. Both are nice but I would choose the green outlined one. Great Job!

  2. I would buzz in each Sunday because I'm always excited about something!

  3. Great idea! I would join. You should ask your followers to spread the word of your first party in a post with the button as a link.


  4. I would link up now and then when I have something to buzz about. Either way I will buzz in I think I like the black one but the green is brighter.

  5. Sure. :) Something to buzz about would motivate me.

  6. Sure I'd try to make your party!
    Both buttons are cute.

  7. Buzzing in on Sunday sounds good!

  8. I'll visit regardless!


    Cute buttons!

  9. I'm in... I'm in... (picture my hand waving around) :) And Sunday would be a wonderful day to "party"!


    PS I like the green outlined button but I'm kind of partial to green!

  10. Remember ME Monday?? That was so fun and I always looked forward to it. I say go for the linky party! :-)
    The green outlined button is my favorite of the two.



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