Monday, August 5, 2013

The Big County Fair and a Bridal Shower - What Do They Have in Common?

Well, you know I'm going to tell you what they have in common.....but.....not yet!  You must know that's how I roll - I'm a huge tease.

A lovely friend of mine is getting married in October and we are having her bridal shower at my house.

Why didn't they have Pinterest and the internet around when I was getting married?  Can you imagine how many ideas and projects I would have done?  One thing I did love at our wedding was that the favors were heart shaped chocolate chip cookies.  We made pan after pan of chocolate chip bar cookies and then used a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut them out and then packaged them in a clear bag with blue and white ribbon.  I was very obsessed with blue and white when we got married.  Bridesmaids had blue and white striped dresses and Worker Bee even vowed to love the colors blue and white in our wedding vows.  Whoa!  Brakes!  I really digressed there, now didn't I? an effort to kill two birds with one stone - one of the tables the More Creative Bee and I are doing for the Big County Fair're never going to guess......

A Bridal Shower Table!

The colors for the shower are navy and orange.  My friend is also having wood(s) be a part of her wedding so I jumped in with that too.

So yesterday, Baby Bee and I went to World Market (I know, I know – I'm obsessed) because I knew they had orange buffet napkins at a very reasonable price.  We got there – and – they were gone.  Now I had just looked at them online a few days ago so I was shocked.  I sat down right in the store and got on their website to find out what was going on.  Imagine my excitement when they were on clearance for $5 for a set of 6!  So I thought I'll just order them then.  Now imagine how uber excited I got when sitting way down on the bottom shelf were these napkins!  

Yes, 12 year old Baby Bee was slightly embarrassed (but I think she might be that way constantly anyway, so who cares) when I started throwing napkins in the cart.  So the spiced orange napkins will be used for both the shower and the fair table. And! For less than $1 per napkin!  Very autumnal (one of my all time favorite words) too!

Then I've been eyeing this stand for quite a while at World Market (yes, obsessed, we know) so I bought it too (used the last of my gift card) for part of the centerpiece for the fair table.  'Fraid I won't be able to use it for the shower because the shower is during the time our tables are set up at the fair. 

But maybe my friend would like to use it as part of her wedding reception.

For the shower I have these navy and white gingham tablecloths I had the Sewing Bee make for me about 10 years ago.  But for the fair I wanted to make it a little more fresh and modern – see my friend getting married is only in her 20s (and I'm not) – but now I'm having a hard time finding fabric for the tablecloth.  

I checked out Joann's and Home Fabrics without a lot of luck.  
Found these online, but not sure about them.  Although the chevron is growing on me.
Found this one on etsy
I still have a few other places to check out - going to torture Baby Bee by taking her shopping on Thursday (that girl does not like to shop - too much like her dad!) and I'll check it out in the other big city (the one with a Hobby Lobby) near us.  I also picked up these initials and faux sunflowers that will probably also be part of the centerpiece.  

I'm not sure how it will all go together though yet.  Lots of ideas are bouncing around in my head.  

I have these vintage jelly jars that I might use for the flowers.   Found some great resources on etsy too for the shower.

Now, I really need to get to work.  Went out an bought paint last night to paint furniture and I better get started!  School starts in just 18 days!

Thanks for buzzing along with me.  Can't wait for it all to come together.  Okay, in all honesty I can wait because then it means my summer vacation is over!


  1. Orange and navy will be a stunning and eye-catching combination! Good luck on finding just the right fabric for the tablecloth! Enjoy your last few days of summer while you can!

  2. We do not have World Market in Pittsburgh....that's probably a good thing. I do enough damage in HomeGoods and Ikea to make up for it!
    If we lived closer together I know we'd be good friends....and be in constant trouble!
    Love the initials on the wood stand!!

  3. PS...I'm not sure if I like the chevron look or not. Sometimes it makes my eyes hurt. Just saying. Loved the other patterned fabric you showed.

  4. Cute theme. I just helped throw a bridal shower last week. I think it is all going to be so fun!

  5. First, not sure how I missed this one... how fun a bridal shower themed table! Everything looks so fun and colorful!

    Pinterest certainly is helpful with wedding planning but of course you can get cRAzy with it too ;)


    PS I LOVE World Market too! I wish we had one closer but it makes for a good excuse to head my daughter's way in Seattle.


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