Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Should Be....

I should be doing this....
(printing, cutting out invitations,  and mailing them out for a bridal shower I'm hostessing)

or this....
(put grades in my grade book)

or even this.
(take this online course and exam on bloodborne pathogens -

But what I really want to do is this...
(read this magazine I just picked up)


(and have a delicious latte with it)

Is there anything you should be working on?
Wanna' play hooky with me?

Thanks for buzzing in!


  1. I would love to play hooky with you. I am so tired of unpacking boxes from our move! Let's set up a play date and browse through that magazine together ;-)

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. I think when we want to relax with something fun and creative, our minds are just telling us we need a break. Well, that's the way I look at it! lol! My days are packed with so much I want to get done, yet I procrastinate with my coffee and laptop every morning for an hour or two. It's almost a stubborn side of me that says, "do something for yourself"!


  3. Those invitations are so cute!
    The Mr. And I are leaving for the beach on Sunday. The first thing I pack when I go away is my Cath Kidston oilcloth book bag...filled with new magazines. I put any new magazines that come in the mail and I also buy a few. Flea Market Style is in that bag along with the new Somerset Holiday mag. Priorities, priorities! Have that latte and put your feet up.

  4. I just played hooky with a Fall on-line magazine I purchased!
    No guilt here.

  5. I know what you mean. I spent yesterday reading it. Today I need to do housework, but decided to go lo for vintage pie tins.


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