Friday, December 12, 2014

I've Mustered Up Some More Table Settings...

You know.  I just can't let a good pun go.

So, I promised you more pictures from the Big County Fair and I know you've all been waiting for the with bated breath.  Whew!  You can breathe now.  ;)

Let's start off with the table the More Creative Bee created.  

MCB (as I like to call her) works for our county mental health department and she wanted to tie her table into both the fair theme (Locally Grown Fun) and Each Mind Matters and an Art Hop that showcased the art of people who have been involved with the county services.  
She used a cute palette as part of the table setting.  She even found some vintage landscape paintings and used those as placemats.

 My contribution was the menu!  It sounds so good, I just might actually make the dishes!  
Funny!  We didn't really talk about it too much, but we ended up going with the same color schemes!  (Great minds, you know the drill!)

Table 2 today was this adorable Cowboy Barbecue!

Trimmed with bandanas and burlap.

 I especially loved the menu board!

Table 3 for today is this adorable breakfast table!  I wish the pictures had turned out better cause some of them were so cute.  But you do what you can do the County Fair Picture Police are making sure you don't get any pics of the other tables?
Isn't this the cutest quilt?  I love the combination of white and red dishes, red flatware, and the vintage accessories - like the milk bottle, coffee percolator, and salt and pepper set.

 Wouldn't you have a chipper day if this was where you ate breakfast???

Table number 4 was a sweet little Christmas tea table.
Such a sweet lady was working on this table with her family.  Paddington Bear was her inspiration.  I think she's done British themed tables before.  It wasn't quite finished before we had to leave, so I can't show you it completed.

 Cute tea cozy, right?
There's Paddington!!!  Did you know there was a new Paddington Bear movie coming out soon?  Just saw a preview of it - not sure if I like the animated Paddington or not.

Table 5 for today had a Paris theme.  I also think they weren't quite done when we left.  

 I hope you can see all the beautiful paper accessories with this gorgeous table.  I would love to be invited a dinner party set like this.

And finally, Table 6 for today (and the last one) had a Downton Abby theme.
 She told us she'd been doing these table settings for about 20 years.  MCB and I were like, wow, and then we realized we've been doing this for about 15 years!  15 years?!?  Crazy how long we've done this.  Baby Bee wasn't even born yet when we did our first table.

Now I have to leave you with a picture from MY favorite table setting - my own!
You can read more about that table and a few others if you visit

And I can't wait to share with you some of the Christmas doings over here at Sweet Bee Cottage!

Please buzz by again soon for a visit!
It's so nice to see you!

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