Sunday, December 7, 2014

Time for Some Catch Up!

No.  Not that kind of catsup!  

Did you miss it?  You know, the annual posting of all the table from the county fair?  Were you looking for it in October and I let you down?  Well, I'm here to rectify that RIGHT NOW!

The More Creative Bee and I bounced ideas off of each other this year, but we mostly did our own tables this year.  For my theme this year I went with - don't be shocked here - a Beach theme.  (I know, pick yourself up off the floor.  I'm nothing if not consistent with my obsessions.)

 I started with a burlap tablecloth that we have used several times at the Big County Fair.
My mom, the Sewing Bee, was a sweetie and sewed up the napkins for me.  She even sewed a few extras for us to use every day. 
 Each place setting was a plate from my new every day dishes and these amazing sea urchin bowls I found at World Market.  The flatware was some pearl handled ones I bought a few years ago at Home Goods.  All the glassware was from Dollar Tree!  I couldn't believe I found the perfect blue and green glassware there!  Gotta' love a bargain!
The centerpiece was a beach glass candleholder and then two driftwood surrounded glass hurricanes.  I found all these pieces at the ever fabulous World Market.

 I took shells and beach glass and strewed them down the center of the table.  

I LOVED my table, but I only got 3rd place in my division.  (And to be honest, I think there might have only been 3 entries.)

But the best thing is that I get to keep all that glorious beachy things for my Sweet Bee(ach) Cottage!

And now for a few of the other tables…... 

This table had a farm theme with a sophisticated touch.  Can you spot the black and silver barn that's part of the centerpiece?  

Did I mention I have to sneakily take pictures cause I get yelled at if they see I'm taking them of other tables?  That's why the picture quality isn't my best ever. 
Aren't those dishes adorable?   
I always adore the combination of black, white, and green too!   
And here is another fair themed table... 
Cute and I really liked their menu board.

This Fiesta table is the one that won first place in my division I think. 

Aren't the colors bright and vibrant?  Who wouldn't have fun at a party with all that going on? 

Don't you worry.  I've got plenty more tables to share with you if I can only mustard up the time!  Don't groan!  You know I couldn't resist the pun!

I'll leave you with one last picture from my table.  Just cause it makes me happy.  Maybe it makes you smile too?

Thanks ever so much for buzzing in for a visit!
P.S.  And I'll eventually get to some Christmas posts!  


  1. Oh, very sweet! I am working on my table today for my friends coming tomorrow. It is not quite as elaborate but it is Christmas lovely.

  2. Sorry but I like your table far more than the fiesta table.

  3. I like you beach-themed table, too! I bought some things to do a green and blue tablescape this summer, and never mustard up the time to do one! Hehe!


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