Monday, May 30, 2011

Did You Know It's Time for ME Monday?

I used to wear watches every day.  
I don't anymore, 
do you?  
I'm not sure why I quit wearing watches.  Maybe it was my cellphone, maybe my computers, maybe it was the abundance of clocks in my car, my school, and my home......

I should really put a battery in this one - it's so pretty!

This was a gift from a student - I never could figure out how to wear this one.
Ahhh.....wearing my dream cottage on my wrist.  (I might have worn this one too much - it has some interesting things going on with it.)
I think I just thought of how to use this one - hang it on the outside of my briefcase.    What do you think?

But what better excuse for pulling out a few Mary E. treasures than M.E. Monday over at Vicki's Cherry Chick!

Do you wear a watch?  
Or do you use something else to tell time?

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  1. You have this cute collection, and you don't use them?! I think your briefcase is a great idea, or your purse, or you could probably put one on a ball chain. I always wear a watch, but then I'm pretty anal about being on time!
    Happy Memorial Day!

  2. I don't wear a watch anymore either. I think you're supposed to hook that one on a belt loop.

  3. Your ME watches are so sweet! I really love the little cottage one the best. I wore a watch during the years that I worked outside the home. I Iiked the stretchy bands that I could just slip on and off. Then I had kids so no more watches or any jewelry for me, because little hands always pulled at it. Got out of the habit of wearing one. I work from home now and can just look at the clock on the wall. And I use my cell phone when I am away.

  4. I so agree! I would go buy a watch if I got out with out one! Now I haven't worn one in over 4 years! I love your ME collection! I have never seen them in the stores!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. All are very pretty!
    Well I don't use a clock, always check time at cellphone!


  6. Such an lovely watch collection. I've never much liked wearing watches, as I then start to become preoccupied with time itself. :)
    However, clocks are another story. I have lots of them around the house, but many don't tell the right time anymore.

  7. I went on a Swatch kick a few years ago and liked them for summer. The bright bands and faces seemed great with summer shorts and tops. Then I just stopped. I guess bracelets took their place. I also use the cell phone as a watch. Fun post! You have a great collection.

  8. I don't wear a watch....except now I might! Just bought one this weekend with a sweet kitten face on it!

  9. No watch for me...the batteries die and I forget about them for a bit and then buy one and the cycle happens all over again! ;)Alyssa

  10. I do wear a watch everyday, still. My dear husband is ALWAYS asking ME what time it is. LOL



  11. Just a quick follow-up. I was reading Tasha Alexander's "Dangerous to Know." It is a romantic mystery series, and this one takes place in Normandy, France. I love her books. Yes, I have tried horchata, but definitely didn't like it, although hubby adores it. Looking forward to being back in blogland for a while!

  12. I never wore a watch much and was gifted a few of them. I do like those watches so sweet.

  13. I have cute watches but don't wear them much. I tell time from the cell phone.

  14. The ME watches are so sweet. I stopped wearing a watch every day when I "retired". I still wear one occasionally, but I guess I kind of equate them with the need to be somewhere in a hurry. Pressure, ya know? Now, I just wear one if I know that I'm going to really have to keep track of the time.

    Great idea to put the pocket style watch on your briefcase! I'm sure it will look lovely.

    ~Mrs B

  15. Hi,
    I'm your newest follower. I found your blog through Cherry Chick. I love your ME watches, so cute. I don't wear them anymore either. Probably because I can't read the time without getting my glasses.
    Please come visit my new blog, Ric Rac and Polka Dots. It's brand new, but I have lots of fun things planned to share. Thanks for such a fun blog!

  16. Good morning. Since I retired I've only allowed ONE clock in the house and I never wear a watch. I'd love to send you a pic (it might make you smile) So, if possible could you please let me have your e-mail addy so I can send it as an attachment. You can reach me at;
    PS I am a member of CQ4Newbies


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