Thursday, May 5, 2011

A New Little Nesting Spot

Felt like changing things up a bit in the backyard.

Last year we had our "wicker" patio lounge chairs on our brick patio and our dining set under the Japanese maple in a little corner.

Just a simple switch - lounge chairs are now living under the trees.

Here it is at night......

Maybe we can listen to romantic music and dream of things to come......

I can just imagine the heart felt conversations that will happen in this cozy spot.
Today, I'm blogging in this wonderful spot.
Just visiting with some of you......
sippin' a little cherry limeade.....
munchin' on a few nuts.....
Worker Bee is sitting out here with me now too.....
just enjoyin' the view.

Won't you join me too?  
And won't you join everybody 
over at 
P.S.  I really messed my blog up today.  Everything is still there, but it sure doesn't look the same.  I'm working on fixing it. 


  1. Hi Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share. I love, Love the chairs beneath the trees, such a peaceful looking place to relax with that cherry limeade and visit a few blogger friends.

    As we sit, I can feel a little breeze blowing my hair, and my does the drink ever taste wonderful. I simply adore the lights. Is that not romantic? I can only imagine dinner for two out there. I love it.

    Thank you for sharing sweetie. Have an awesome Friday tomorrow. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. your back garden looks amazing. love the wicker table, especially the darling vintage tablecloth.

    i hope your daughters 'wing' is healing well (we've had our share of broken arms).

    have a lovely weekend.

  3. I love your new changes! So pretty. I have plans to do the same things this weekend!


  4. What a sweet and cozy spot to relax at the end of the day! Love the lights and that mirror is so pretty and a unique thing to use in your garden setting!!

    bee blessed

  5. What a delightful spot to relax with a book or have a nice chat! Love your hobnail glassware!

  6. Love your cozy backyard! Are you sure you were out there today? It's dang hot!!

    Looking forward to my coffee!!

  7. I think your blog is looking pretty good! :) It's different than anything else out there! :)

    Your patio furniture looks wonderful. We get our new stuff in a couple of weeks... and I am so excited. It was sort of my MD gift.


  8. so pretty and such a nice place for a dinner for two. but if you lived here you would need a winter coat and an umbrella it is 38 and chance of rain.

  9. What a beautiful retreat to enjoy the day and sip some lemonade and munch on nuts ~ Ahhhh relax time

  10. I love your cozy little spot. The twinkly lights in the trees, so sweet. So welcoming.

  11. Your new header looks fantastic, Janelle!
    I love that spot under the trees. It looks so cozy, especially with those little lights turned on at night. Perfect for a romantic dinner, or hanging out with the whole family!

  12. What an amazing spot in your garden!! I would never leave the spot!

  13. Your patio and yard look just beautiful! So serene and inviting. Mr B and I love sitting on our deck on summer nights, listening to music. Sometimes we even dance when a slow song comes on. When the daughter child was still home, she'd come out back and act all disgusted. LOL!

    Sorry to read about Baby Bee's wrist. Hope all is healing quickly and that she's not in any pain. Have a lovely weekend my friend!

    ~Mrs B

  14. What a lovely spot! Happy Mother's Day!!

    Susan and Bentley

  15. it looks wonderful!!! I'll bee right there!

  16. What an adorable place to sit, relax and blog! You would never get me up out of that chair :)

  17. I'll bet it looks even prettier in person. I spent Saturday outside on the patio. Today it is looking like rain here!! Have a good week Janelle. Hope Baby Bee is doing better!

  18. A beautiful cozy place to get comfortable and spend some time refecting on life... Ahhhhhh.....

  19. Ah, the great outdoors! I love it too and your spot is so sweet.

  20. Lovely little garden space. I enjoyed my visit.

  21. Janelle, you have made a lovely and tranquil space to relax in. LOVE it!!! Gorgeous photos, too.



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