Friday, July 29, 2011

Icy Pink Deliciousness

I just love Susan Branch!  Raise your hand if you agree?  

Okay, I see all those hands.  (And if you're not sure who Susan Branch is, head on over here to meet her.)

Susan has some wonderful recipes in her books.  This particular one is from The Summer Book.

One of our summer favorites is a cocktail called "Skip and Go Naked."  The skip because it's so tasty and you want to skip around and the go naked because if you're not careful and have too many of these, you might start running round naked.  

The ingredient list is simple:

pink lemonade frozen lemonade

Now I know some of you might be saying beer?  I don't like beer!  Well, I can't stand the stuff, but mixed in this drink?  It's absolutely scrumptious.  Trust me (and trust Susan too).
Plus you will need a blender.
1.  Fill the blender half way with ice.
2.  Add 2/3 cup frozen lemonade concentrate.
3.  Add 1/4 cup of vodka.
4.  Add 2/3 cup of cold beer.
5.  Blend together and pour into a glass - pretty glass preferred of course.
Icy pink deliciousness!
One for me and one for you.
Let's go enjoy these on the patio.  We could listen to some nice music and pray the June bugs don't crash into us.  (Thankfully, June bugs are almost done around these parts.)

And, at last, I have a fun post for Pink Saturday!
Come join the party over at Beverly's.

Such a treat to see you too!  
Thank you so much for dropping in for a visit.


  1. Susan Branch is sooo My Hero. She is so talented and I want to draw like her sooo bad!
    I can't wait to make this amazing sounding drink. Yum
    Happiest Pink..
    xo bj

  2. Oh my! That looks soooo good! I will have to try one! I don't care for beer either, but lemonade and vodka - you can't go wrong! Thanks for the lovely idea for these hot summer evenings!

  3. I used to make this years ago and forgot how yummy they are.Thanks for reminding me of a simple pleasure! Warm Blessings~Amy

  4. I love Susan Branch, too! I only have one of her cookbooks, but it's one of my very favorites! This looks so pretty and refreshing.
    Leslie :)

  5. My hand is up! I also have an unopened bottle of Absolut for you too.

  6. Since you are the second blogger to send me the way of Susan Branch, I do suppose that I need to check her out!

    Who would have thought that those tastes would combine?? I giggled at the name.

    Joining from Pink Saturday.

  7. Sounds so cool and refreshing on days like we are having.

  8. Sounds delish - can hardly wait to give it a try, but I'll keep my clothes on - promise!

  9. I love Susan Branch and always get at least one of her calendars each new year.
    I will have to try this drink. Sounds scrumptious.:)

  10. Oh this looks so YUMMY! I have one of her summer books, wonder if it's in there.

  11. I LuRvE Susan Branch....don't even like beer though. I have a couple of her cookbooks and I'll have to check out the "drink" recipes. Thanks for sharing

  12. I have that book in my kitchen...opened to that page! I love her. You must have gotten her recent Williard. I thought it was so moving. She is awesome! Alyssa of Boston Bee

  13. I hate the smell of beer so not sure I would try it. I may make it for a few friends though. I do like susan branch and have a couple of her books.

  14. sounds like an excellent summer drink. love the photo and thanks for sharing the recipe. happy pink saturday! xo

  15. Oh my goodness, these look incredible. And I adore Susan, I have the cookbook on display right now in my kitchen. I change them out for every season! And where did you get those lovely glasses? Tomorrow is the day, I am going to give this recipe a try!

  16. Sweet Bee,
    You make it look so refreshing, the glasses give it such a special touch! Thanks for sharing! I hope you can join Design Gives Back blog party the week of August 12th-18th for a story to warm your heart!HPS!-Sher


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