Monday, August 8, 2011

Do You Know What Some of These Are?

Today I've been working on my etsy shop.  Taking pictures, filling out my inventory sheets, etc. and I came to a box a friend gave me to see if I could sell the contents on etsy.  

It's filled with dresser items from the days of celluloid or maybe bakelite plastic.  There are hair receivers, button hooks, nail buffers, trays, brushes, combs, mirrors, etc.  I don't know what all of them are, but I can probably research them and get some knowledge. 

But a couple of items have me baffled and I hope you can help me.

The first is this orange thing.  Let's call it Thing 1.  
It's about the size of a deck of cards.  It looks like it might be some kind of tray.  

What could Thing 1 possibly be used for?  I sure hope you guys know.  Is it even old?

And then there's this thing.  Let's call it Thing 2.
It has an octagon shape.  (Knowing that is a third grade standard.)
The feet are brass and it has a glass lining.
It had to have had some sort of function, right???

Isn't this workmanship beautiful?  This is only on one panel of Thing #2.

Was this just a decor item?  Did it have a purpose? 

Another pretty, including the photo too.
Just another shot of all the goodies.

Thanks for any information you can share with me.  I really appreciate it.  

And thank you so much for coming by!  I just made myself a delicious iced mocha.  Would you like one too?  
Ooops!  Mine is almost gone now.  Don't worry, I can make you another.

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  1. I believe #1 is a calling card try. My grandmother always had one on her entry table. Ladies use to have cards with their names and address on them.When they visited they left one so you could send a thank you for whatever she brought you. Because you never went to someone's house without bringing something.
    Maybe # 2 was a facial creme container. They use to make their own and would put it into decorative containers on their vanity tables...just a guess.

    Looks like fun. Have you recieved Sadie yet?

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. I was thinking maybe thing 1 is a tray to put hairpins in as they are being taken out of the hair (I remember there being a lot of hairpins about in the early 60's when I was little -- especially at my grandparents.

    Thing 2, perhaps a powder and powder muff holder?

    If it was me, I would haul them up to an antique mall and ask the people there if they know.

    Your drink looks delish.

  3. #1 not sure... soap maybe?

    #2 I think perfumed powder or face cream

    Have a great week!

    God bless and keep you,

  4. Sweet Bee,
    I like your "things" but I have no idea what they are :) I am going to agree with the other ladies!
    Let us know when you find out.

  5. The first one, I don't have a clue but I think the second one is for powder... my grandma used to have something pretty similar and her's had body powder in it.... I wonder why that went out of style??? I always thought is was very cool!


  6. 1st one looks to be a 1920's bakelite or celluloid vanity tray with a net lace insert.

    2nd one looks to be a powder jar/container. The puff would have fit nicely inside.

  7. Hmm, don't know but the research should be fun! Mmm, your drink looks yummy~
    Have a good week :)

  8. I was by your etsy shop the other day, lots of cute stuff! Loved the red and white enamelware. I even grabbed my tape measure and checked to see if the the rectangular container would hold my dryer sheets. It was a bit to small though. Hope all is well.

  9. Not sure about thing 1 but Thing 2 was for bath powder. My grandma used to have one in her bathroom. So many cute "things".

  10. So many pretty vanity items. The powder boxes are really lovely. It will be interesting to find out what thing 1 and 2 are.

  11. Very nice vanity items. They're so much fun to look at. I agree with others on #2--my grandmother had a powder/powder puff "jar" that looked very similar to that one. Hers was more plain, though.

    Item #1 stumps me. But you have several good suggestions.

  12. Wow, what a lot of fun goodies! Soo that means you know what the cotton ball dispenser, button hook, and nail buffer are. I agree with everyone else about your mystery items. That "octagon" is charming.

  13. cute stuff and cute blog, sweet bee! I dont know what either thing is, but that thing #2 is really neat.. with the glass lining and all. Hope you find out! Blessings!

  14. Whatever they are they are keepers. You lucked out with a lot of vintage things.

  15. Looks like you got lots of great goodies. Mine would just be guesses so hope you find out what they are. Blessings, Debbie

  16. I agree with others here item #1 is a calling card tray. Item #2 my guess would be a trinket box for costume jewelery.

  17. Wow what a great stash!
    Did you make your own quilt backdrop picture..LOVE IT!

  18. I think Thing 2 is a powder keeper. You'd put your scented powder in there along with your powder puff. My guess is that the bowl is removable so it can be washed. Hmmm, very interesting things you have there! :) ~Stephanie at Buttermilk Hill


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