Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Latest Obsession

Do you ever find yourself getting completely obsessed with something that a few months ago you would not have cared one whit about?  Just simply passed them by at your favorite thrift haunts?  Might have even donated some of them yourself?

Well, my friends, I am in the grips of a major obsession and I can't seem to get my fix.  Just a few months ago I saw them everywhere and said, um, no thanks.

But now.....I want them.  I need them.

What could I possibly want so badly I'm willing to turn back time to get the ones I passed by before?

Why, it's vintage sheets!  Those oh so sweet and colorful and flowery sheets from the 60s and 70s!  Sheets like I slept on growing up in the 70s.  Sheets that I looked down my nose at just a few short weeks ago.

What has caused this change of heart?

Stinkin' Pinterest has, that's what.

(And thanks Betty for the invite.)

Here, let me show you what I have found and now must somehow have...
Love those colors.

This one just says summer to me.

So cute hanging out on the line.

This is such a cute idea - pajamas made from vintage sheets.  Maybe I can get Sewing Bee in on this project!

And how about that skirt?  Adorable!

And this one!  It just might be my favorite.  

And here's what I've found so far for my new obsession...
two pillowcases.  
Hey. It's a start.  

Have you ever done that?  Gotten rid of something you thought you'd never ever want to see again and then with someone else's vision went out to find it again?  What was it?  Or, should I say, is it?

Thanks for buzzin' in!  So nice to see you.  Your visits are a bright spot in my day (like finding some cute vintage sheets at the thrift store)!


  1. Such a cute post! I find that the vintage sheets from the 50's through the 70's fly off the shelves of my etsy store.... Now I know why! Such great ideas.

  2. Love beautiful, colorful "vintage" sheets! Of course, while they may be, I am not:@)

  3. See, this is why I have been on the hunt for the sheets!! So many pretty things to make :-)

  4. Oh yes, I am right there with you! Infact, I have three huge drawers and a half of a closet FILLED TO THE BRIM with cleaned vintage sheets. My goal is to make a quilt - for me...I already made on for my scottie god-daughter.

    Yes, the sheets could not feel any more like summer. So cheerful and so stinkin' cute!


  5. Sweet Bee, I adore vintage sheets too! Never thought of pajama pants though, what a neat idea! I have some pillowcases too and always on the lookout for sheets too. Someday I want to make a quilt from them, I think I might raid my MIL's linen closet, she never gets rid of anything. :0

  6. At my age I honestly wish I'd kept everything we ever had. It's all vintage now :) and I've always been a minimalist so of course I threw away every. single. thing. Grrr. And yes I'm currently obsessed with finding those vintage sheets and like you, there are none to be had. Well, let's keep searching and perhaps one day we'll have a story to tell about the day we found ...


  7. I love vintage sheets. I haven't made anything out of mine yet...I can't talk myself in to cutting them...but I do use them for a table clothe when we have BBQ's or I take them on picnics. They are always sooo soft!

  8. I have been obsessed with them too after seeing them on Pinterest! I have some just like the ones shown and have used them in the past as dropcloths :( What was I thinking???

  9. I know! Pinterest is getting me all jiggy about all kinds of things. I see so many vintage sheets that I recognize, I sure wish I had the ones I got rid of back, lol:>)

  10. those quilts are pushing all of my buttons. pinterest is down right 'dangerously' addictive.


  11. I have that same blue pillow case! I also have a sheet set the same as the skirt the gal is wearing. Those quilts are beautiful.

  12. Happens to me all the time....I have a few vintage ones myself....I use them and smile every time I take them out of the wash...I have been thinking of sharing them on my blog.
    Maybe I will soon....blessings

  13. Sweet! Have Sewing Bee make the family matching pj bottoms!
    And yes, that has happened to me...sudden adoration. The good thing is once I love it, I love it. I don't drive myself or hubby crazy with fickle whims. Enjoy the sheets and your new obsession :D

  14. Uh oh! I have passed on these sheets in the past as well, but after reading your post and seeing these adorable projects...Yikes! I will pass them up no more.

  15. I'm pretty sure some of those sheets are still in my parents' linen closet. hmm -- wonder if I can sneak some out . . .

  16. I LOVE the colors in that first quilt picture. Who knew that vintage floral sheets would come back to life in this way! I think it's wonderful though!!

  17. welcome to my obsession! I love the feel of the old vintage sheets. I have a sheet that is emblished with tatting oh to slip under that is heaven.

  18. I too do the same thing. I love the vintage sheets and linens that I find at the thrift stores! I even made an apron out of one and sold it quick!

  19. Cute!! I have secretly been collecting them a little here a little there. I love the feel of them.Such quality!!
    Now I see some things I can do with them...thanks for sharing.

    Your little friend should be in the mail from E. Let me know when she gets to you please.

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  20. I'll take a vanilla mocha please!
    xo jeanne.
    bees knees bungalow.

  21. I think everyone had a set of those blue rose pillowcases. I used mine until they were threadbare!

  22. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten rid of something and then wished I hadn't!
    I remember these lovelies. I do have a couple left, but found they are hard to find in the shops where I live.
    So I'll have to live without one of those sweet quilts!

  23. Look pretty!
    There is something to vintage material anyway.
    By the way, your pork chops looked delicious!
    Enjoy your last holidays. Is it not amazing how soon the time flies by?
    Have a happy day!

  24. Hi my Sweet Bee,
    Ilove these sheets as well, I think we love them because we have wonderful memories. Are you on pinterest? I am, stop on by when you have a chance, Pinterest is my new obsession!
    Love and hugs,

  25. I've got the flat sheet to your pillow cases covering an old glider in the shade outside. I have some shabby chic pillows on it as well. I love these sheets and got into them about 2 years ago. I have not seen the little quilt top's made of them. And I just can't get into pintrest. Maybe I need to look around more! Love the ideas!!

  26. Thank you for visiting me the other day..your blog is so lovely. I do agree with you vintage sheets make me happy too...your creations are amazing. My daughter is making me some cushions using vintage fabric...I LOVE the look. Hugs to you for a great weekend. xo

  27. HE HE! I bought a couple of vintage sheets a year ago to make PJ pants. I STILL haven't gotten around to it yet! :(
    Thanks for the motivation and inspiration. I have seen Pinterest but I haven't really checked it out yet. Sounds like I might LOVE it...


  28. e tu Janelle? LOL I actually just sat down this morning and told myself that I need to make something from my "create" board on pinterest instead of just browsing all day...
    As for the recipes on there...don't get me started. OMGosh...it is so bad for the waist line!!

  29. I love anything vintage! Would love to have some PJ's like that!! Great blog, glad I found it. Visit me sometime!

  30. Sweet Bee - You are SO RIGHT! I do that all the time! I find myself giving stuff away that I couldn't care two licks for and then I see someone using said item in a great way and then all I can do is regret getting rid of that old stuff and try to find it again! Been there done that! I love the pics you showed using the older sheets. They do have such lovely designs and colors. Thanks for sharing. Pinterest is super for creative folks like us :)


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