Monday, August 15, 2011

Vintage Sheets Galore!

So, some of you might recall that I have had a recent obsession.  An obsession so great that I have been whining about donating these before I realized how desirable they are.

What could they be?

Why vintage sheets of course.

So, imagine my delight when I walked into my classroom after the summer off and discovered....

SHEETS!  VINTAGE SHEETS!  (and a few not so vintage but still pretty)

See, we have to cover up our bookshelves before we leave for the summer.  And we always used to use the colored butcher paper.  That always seemed like a huge waste to me because you couldn't use it afterwards (too wrinkly) and that stuff is not cheap!
These might be my favorite.  They feel so soft.

Which brings me to the wonderful mom was kind enough to donate some of her old sheets to me to use to cover my bookcases so I didn't waste paper and they could be reused....which led to me finding some sweet sheets in my classroom!  (meant to get pictures of them in my class, but I forgot)
Got the avocado green going here.

I want to make my pajamas out of this sheet.

I remember when we had these in this purple, avocado green, harvest gold, and pink when I was a kid.

And these were mine when I was a kid.  Have to be honest here - never really liked them that much and I'm not sure I do today.

I don't think this one is that old and it's definitely not as soft as most of the others.

Okay, this is not vintage, but I love the colors.  These were our sheets when we first moved to this house in 1997.
All this because I was just trying to be green!  
What will I make with these?

Why this I think
via Pinterest
and this too....
via Pinterest

Thanks for buzzing by!
I start back to school this week, so if you don't see me to say hi, just know I'll be back as soon as I can!
It was such a treat to see you.



  1. That does it. I'm going to become a hoarder. Everything I get rid of becomes popular again.

  2. I LOVE them!!! I remember the avocado and gold ones like your purple one which I love! In fact I just looked ...I have those ugly avocado ones :( I will keep them!

  3. I remember these wonderful sheets -- pajamas made from them is a terrific idea :)


  4. Too funny! My last Post was about an old sheet I'd been hoarding since the 1980s (black and white cat wearing 4 red tennis shoes). I FINALLY made my first item from it. Good thing I'm going to live to be 200 yrs. old. Ha! :-D
    P.S. Adorable pajama pants, BTW!!!

  5. Being green has it's own rewards! Good for you! Those pj pants are a great use for those pretty sheets.

  6. Those pajama pants are the sheets I took to college in 1976! CUTE!!!!

  7. Looks like you have a lot of fun project planned ! Super pretty vintage sheets. I think I have always appreciated pretty sheet patterns. I used them as curtains in my college dorm room and first apartment.

  8. What a great surprise to find you had some sheets to work with now.
    I had that purple striped one on my bed as a kid-a long time ago!
    My Mom and older sister did my room in lavender for me. It was so...sweet!

  9. I am excited for you...hope you get the chance to make that adorable banner soon! HAPPY new school year! :)

  10. So glad you found all those great sheets can't wait to see what you make.

  11. They are GREAT!!!!! I know that you will have so much fun with them ~
    Hope you week goes great.

  12. LOVE the daisy sheets too! And that striped one? We had the same sheets... in purple, pink and even blue stripes. They were all cotton and the crispest feeling sheets around... I think my mom still has the blue set... You'll be able to make a ton of PJ pants and perhaps some aprons?


  13. I'm crazy about vintage sheets, and always pick them up at thrift stores and estate sales! Loving the idea of making some jammy pants with them.
    You asked if I work out in the garden every day. Yes I do, and it's more overwhelming each year. I need to get rid of one garden this summer, and I'm having such a hard time deciding which one!
    I hope it's going well back at school. Those kids are so lucky to have you!

  14. Well that's the best idea ever! I just placed an order at your ETSY shop! I should be selling, not buying, but owell ;)Happy First Day!!! Mine is just around the corner...Alyssa of Boston Bee

  15. I saw some sheets in your stack that I used to have! What a great idea to make pj's from them. Have a great beginning of the school year.

  16. Vintage sheets always remind me of my mom. Wish I would have kept all of hers.

  17. What wonderful sheets, you could make a quilt...
    PJ bottoms are the best to lounge around in.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  18. Love the vintage sheets and I am a coffee junkie too.

  19. Ah! Those are all so pretty - I love every single one of them, even the one you didn't like when you were a girl and still don't. :) Somewhere out there in blogland I have seen a blog that is dedicated to nothing but repurposing old sheets! I do recall she made some grocery sacks out of them, and they were adorable. Your pajama pants are going to be super cute - please post pics when you get them done! ~Stephanie at Buttermilk Hill

  20. Some cute projects seem to be in the making. Have a great weekend.


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