Monday, August 6, 2012

A Bee Family Wedding

This weekend our little bee family took a 4 1/2 hour road trip to attend a wonderful family wedding.

Worker Bee's niece got married at a beautiful winery in Santa Rosa and I just have to share a few of the delightful details with you.

We took shuttle buses from the hotel to the winery.  
(You might have noticed how cloudy it is - it was a bit chilly - Baby Bee and I had to run out and buy some wraps to help keep us warm - more on that later.)
We were at the St. Francis Winery and this lovely statue and garden welcomed us to the grounds.
Before the wedding started we were able to walk around and enjoy a glass of wine.  In the background you can see the beautiful tables.
As we rode in the shuttle bus over to the wedding, Baby Bee asked her uncle (father of the bride) if this was going to be a luxurious wedding and I think you can judge for yourself.  The tables were so elegant.
 There were menu cards tucked in the gorgeous damask napkins.
Simple centerpieces of white roses and white hydrangeas were on each table.
And would you look at the view?

 It was stunning!
I loved the floral initials of the bride and groom.  Their colors were white and lavender with touches of silver.
This is where we danced away the evening.
These gorgeous bouquets and flower petals just added a focal point to the wedding party.

 The aisle was lined with lovely white rose petals.
 Such a beautiful bride and handsome groom!
 I love wedding cakes, don't you?  I think they give you such a sense of the bride and groom's style.  
 Oh yes, this was quite a luxurious cake!
 And along with this gorgeous cake I had some of the best coffee I have EVER had!  It was a medium roast French press and it was divine!  So smooth and delicious. (Leave it to me to go on and on about the coffee I had at a wedding reception. But now I have to go buy a French press.)

 Couldn't resist adding this picture of a little bouquet next to the wedding cake.  Believe me, no detail was forgotten at this wedding.
Unfortunately those clouds I mentioned in earlier turned into a downpour and those gorgeous tables you saw on the lawn had to be moved into the same room of those gorgeous floral initials.  
The Wedding Coordinator and her team quickly got everything moved and it was still beautiful.  Luckily the rain ended after about 20 minutes and we were able to be outside the rest of the evening.
(Don't you think being a wedding coordinator might be a fun job?  But then you hear about those Bridezillas so maybe not.)
Thank you for coming along with us to this luxurious wedding.  I think Baby Bee chose the perfect adjective to describe this wonderful family event.
And the good news?  Why Worker Bee's nephew (the bride's brother) is getting married next June!  I bet another fabulous wedding is in the making!  I'll be sure to take you along to that one too!


  1. That was indeed a luxurious wedding, wish I could have been there ;) The cake, wow! Sorry it rained but glad it worked out to be inside part of the time. Baby Bee is a very smart bee. Thanks for sharing all the beauty of this wedding with us. Hugs ~ Mary

  2. Oh, my, how beautiful! Luxurious, indeed! That wedding coordinator must've had a great crew to get all those tables inside so fast. Did the guests all grab a place setting to help out?! Everything looks soooo elegant, including that gorgeous wedding cake!
    What a fun break from housecleaning to see all this! Thanks!

  3. I used to think a wedding planner would be a great job...but now after my daughter's wedding that I was the planner, doer, cleaner, etc....NO!
    That cake is one gorgeous creation!

  4. Gorgeous and yes very elegant. I told my daughter if she got married soon we would be bringing the backyard bbq wedding back into style. That is more our budget. I cannot believe it rained. It is so darn hot here.

  5. We attended a wedding in Santa Rosa (a fun, fun, town) 2 years ago at a different winery but it was also an elegant affair. Those Napa/Sonoma folks know how to do it right! I loved seeing all of your gorgeous pictures and generally catching up with your blog. I just love reading what you write-your wit is wonderful!!

  6. Don't you just love weddings! Gorgeous pics and I would not ever want to be a wedding coordinator!

  7. What a lovely wedding! Thanks for sharing!!
    With five girls and only one married, I love looking at wedding get so many great ideas!


  8. Even visitor will take the memory in this gorgeous place.
    thanks for the share.

  9. Thanks for allowing me to be a wedding crasher at this luxurious reception. :) Oh my, that cake is stunning! Reminds me of some beautiful Irish Dresden lace porcelin pieces I elegant. Did it taste as wonderful as it looked? I hope you enjoyed a slice with the fabulous french pressed coffee!

  10. What a beautiful venue to hold a wedding! The tables are gorgeous. I could easily get lost in the all the wonderful details.
    We are coffee snobs and have only ever used a french press.
    Your Friend,


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