Friday, August 10, 2012

When Disparate Things Come Together in a Lovely Way

First off, I have to say I love words.  Did you read the title up there?  Yes, I really meant disparate, not desperate.  Worker Bee and I love to play with words and impress each other with our $20 words we use.  (What's a $20 word you say?  Why it's one that's obscure enough, yet not unheard of, that perfectly describes the situation or event or whatnot.  Like disparate.  So now you know.  We're word nerds.  It could be worse.)

So, anyway, lately I have been wearing an amalgamation (oh yes, there's $20 for me) of sweet charms that I happened to combine the other day and I just love them!

I thought you might enjoy seeing them and hearing the stories behind each one.

Charm #1 is a heart shaped piece of Nicholas Mosse Irish pottery - a strawberry.  (cue the violins 'cause this is the romantic part)  My dear sweet Worker Bee blew me out of the water one Valentine's Day.  I had found these beautiful heart shaped charms from broken china through a mention in Country Home magazine.  (yes, all of us sigh at the demise of that treasured magazine).  Well that sweet husband of mine drove all the way to the store where they had them - about 2 hours away - and bought a few of them for me.  I had no idea he'd driven that far and never thought he would actually remember me telling him how much I loved those charms.  Every time I wear one of them, my heart gets a little squishy over my Worker Bee.

Charm #2 is one I bought from the oh so sweet Mica over at The Child's Paper.  Have you seen her artwork?  She is quite talented and I love her sense of whimsy.  I love whimsy almost as much as I love words.  Wait, I might love whimsy even more.

And finally, Charm #3 is one I bought for myself (oh yes, I bought Mica's for myself too) from this charming ebay shop called - you're going to love this - Charmedware! It's a lovely bit of lace sandwiched between glass.  It came with a little silver heart charm and a small pearl charm, but I'm misplaced them.  I won't say lost because lost sounds so permanent and I'm sure one day they will come home.

Oh and this cute little thing I took the pictures on?  Why this little A-Z pillow cover is from Deb at Loyalist Cottage (you know - the famous HGTV magazine pillow maker) and her sweet little etsy shop.  She screen prints these herself! you see how three (actually four if you think about it) disparate things can come together in a lovely manner!

And while we're at it, let me thank you for your visit!  Your kind comments are always a day brightener! Especially since I'm heading back to school next week.  It's awfully hot here too.  109º tomorrow!  So you bet I'll be spending my last Friday of Freedom sipping a nice cool iced tea and I would love for you to join me.  And if you're really sweet, I'll even make it a sweet tea!


  1. Aren't they sweet! I have a plethora of favourite words, my main one is epiphany. Have fun at school!

    p.s. Did I just earn $40 bucks or what.
    p.p.s. Your hubby is a keeper.

  2. I too have a vast vocabulary and rather enjoy using it. My favorite word right now is voracious. The charms are quite charming...(teehee could not resist)

  3. Love words too - Scrabble, Words With Friends, Boggle - oh, my! Your A-Z pillow reminds me of a school friend who'd write "A-Z" on the -eek!- Chalboard or Whiteboard when doing a workshop. Then she'd say during her introduction, "If I make an error while quickly writing during my presentation, just pick whatever's needed from here".

    Your charms are quite charming, as your husband must be too!

    Enjoy your Freedom Friday!!! They go back on Monday here too, and then the kids the following Monday. I'm happily retired, but still always feel like the beginning of school is another "New Year's Day"!
    xoxo Jane

  4. Love the charms! How Sweet your honey Bee is to make such an effort!!


  5. EEK, indeed! I see I left out a letter in my comment, so please take a 'k' from the A-Z pile and make that 'chalkboard'!

  6. Love the charms. Love the $20 words. Hate the hot weather! It's been in the 100's here too and I am sooooo sick of it. Stay cool!!

    Susan and Bentley

  7. Oh, so pretty! I too love words. Love using them. Wish people would care about them more, don't you? What is going to happen to kids these days that text and don't write out the actual words???

  8. Sweet story about the heart charm. Love them all.
    blesssings to you

  9. Oh how wonderful! What a gem of a hubby! I love them all....I need to check out the Etsy store...:) And I would love a glass of sweet tea please.....:)

  10. Oh I do love an olio myself! Hubby & I call them fifty cent I'm showing my age, LOL! Great post, your charms are both captivating and ingenious. $1. please! :-)

  11. Your necklace is a beautiful merger of separate pieces. I'd wear that happily too. :)

    Good luck going back to school. Since we've just moved I'm not going back to work. That's a bittersweet thing, you know. I love the kids but will not miss the stress.

  12. I am charmed with your post! Have a great beginning of the school year.

  13. I adore your $20 words, and love when people express them. Your charms are well....charming! Nicholas Mosse Pottery is fabulous. I'm lucky enough to own a small creamer, sugar, and plate that I picked up in Ireland. Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Beautiful!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and great week back to school!! The summer sure flew by!! Enjoy your sweet tea! xo Heather

  15. What beautiful charms and how lovely they look together! Thanks for the eloquent sharing of your disparate items.

  16. Your charms and hubby are all keepers! Precious in every way. Love the sweet tokens iside each one! Best of luck with your school year. Way too hot to be indoors. Hope it cools down for you and the students soon!

  17. I love your charms and now I love worker bee,too! I hope you have a great beginning of the new school year. On the day before reporting back, I always washed my car. Don't ask why-it's just something I had to do! My favorite $20 word is ubiquitous!

  18. Hi Sweet Bee,
    What fun this is to read over and what an adorable Worker Bee you have!
    Now, the $20: do you give each other $20, or do you put it in a piggy bank when you have discovered a wonderful word? And then have a Beezzzzz outing together when the piggy bank is full?
    The charms are really gorgeous, so creative.
    Thanks for admiring the admiral yacht on my blog. This summer I have not been around in blogland much because my laptop crashed, etc.
    The summer activities are taking up all my time: gardening, sailing, training the new puppy.
    Have a happy day! Soon returning to school I presume?! The end of August is so sad ....
    Love from Holland,

  19. I love the $20 words :) You can never have too many words in your vocabulary.
    I adore the charms ... just cute as can be!

  20. Soo jealous! Love each and every one of your new charms! How sweet of your mister too!

    I'll try to send some of this cool weather (that blew in over night) your way.

    Happy 1st week back to school!


  21. I thought you have been busy the blog for a while because for some reason I completely did not see this post....weird. Hope all is well and school going weel too. We atart after this weekend. I love all the charms together...sure does look sweet. I am so glad you love the one you got from my shop...(grin) ;)....Enjoy this Labor Day weekend...relax, have some tea...HUGS...Mica


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