Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm Still Buzzing Around

 Yep!  Here I am.....lounging in bed.  
 School started about 2 1/2 weeks ago and it's been the busiest start to a school year ever!
 Ahhh.....the espresso maker is where you can usually find me these days.  Espresso in the morning, espresso in the afternoon.....espresso is my very good friend right now.
 Oh, you can find me here a lot too.  Usually I have a table sitting in front of this comfy chair with my laptop, grading and lessons.  It's not a pretty table by any stretch of the imagination so you don't get to see it.  (Okay, it's a 4 foot plastic folding table Worker Bee gave to me a couple of years ago for working in my little craft room.  I didn't want to be too mysterious.)

 I've been practicing here a bit.  I'm excited because one of our new teachers this year is a great singer and I think we're going to start a glee club at my school!  Doesn't that sound fun?  I will be the accompanist.  
I wish I could say I'd been reading this, but I still haven't tackled Pride and Prejudice.  Please tell me you you'll still be my friend even though I haven't read Jane Austen yet.

So, if you can forgive me for not reading Jane Austen, I hope you buzz back in soon because I'm going to be having a fun giveaway!
P.S.  If you like my bee, I got it at Kohl's from the oh so delightful Skippyjon Jones books.  Isn't she a cutie?


  1. Your bee is very cute - reminds me of Romper be a Do-Bee! I HAVE to forgive you for not reading any Jane Austen yet - because I have never either!
    Smiles, DianeM

  2. Being married to a school teacher I understand how hard the first months of school are....hang in there!! The Glee Club sounds like a ton of fun!!


  3. I know this is such a busy time of the year for you! The glee club sounds like so much fun and I know the kids will enjoy it!
    PS Just watch P&P ,the movie. I think that counts.:)

  4. I'm still your friend, but do read P & P. It is so much more detailed then the movies. I love all things JA!

  5. I have missed you. The Skippyjon Jones book is one of my grandson favorite. We read it every time we get together, The bee I must have. Going to Kohls today. You play the piano, me too. I don't play much anymore and I would love to sell my babygrand, it take up too much room. Have a great school year. Your school is blessed to have you.
    blessings to you.

  6. Of course, what is not to love about you! And love the bee, my youngest daughter (33yrs.) is a bee collector and would love that. I have the book P&P, mine is a boxed book, but don't think I have ever taken the time to read it. I should, so shame on me too. have a good weekend.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  7. they are back to school this week in NH. I love that bee and the glee club sounds great.
    have a great weekend.

  8. Your bee is so cute! The Glee Club does sound like a great deal of fun, but I would never be able to join one. I can't carry a tune! And I'll have to go ahead and admit that I haven't read Jane Austin, either!

  9. It is always the busiest time of year when you are a school employee be it teacher or school nurse like I was! Have a wonderful and blessed school year!

  10. Oh how I miss reading Skippy Jon Jones! Love the bee. Glad to hear that school started off smoothly for you!

  11. How sweet is your bee!! Wishing you a wonderful school year!! xo Heather


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