Friday, August 3, 2012

Yep, Here I Am Again, Excited Over the Darndest Thing

I mentioned the other day that Fabulous Phyllis and I hit some estate sales, well I neglected to mention we also stopped by a thrift store and I found something I've been looking for for a very long time.  

(picture my hair getting grayer and my beard growing longer - no don't picture that because I don't have a lot of gray AND I don't have a beard - just picture many months going by - like in the movies when January gets torn off the calendar and then February and then March - okay, I'll give you mercy and stop there and besides I know you get the idea)

Well I have collected quite the etsy shop inventory and yet, I haven't had a good place to put all that wonderful hoard inventory.  I had really pictured buying one of those metal office storage cabinets ( I have three in my classroom) but do you know how much those puppies cost?  At least $300 smackeroos!  Not really what I want to spend my hard earned etsy money on, I want to use that money to buy more stuff for my hoard inventory.

So I found a ginormous behemoth freestanding cupboard at this thrift store for......
(Now, what that doesn't take into consideration is the doctor and chiropractor bills I might have to pay for Worker Bee hurting his back helping me move this monster.  I'll keep you posted on that.)

This huge cupboard is almost 8 feet tall and over 2 feet deep!
Thank you Counting Bee for letting us borrow your pick up.
 I think it was the pantry section of someone's kitchen cupboards. It has 5 shelves.  
And did I mention it's very heavy?  
 We didn't have time to rearrange the garage where I keep my etsy hoard inventory in tubs, covered with plastic so my cats don't sit on my hoard inventory 
So I'm pretty excited and guess what?
My birthday is in September and you know what I'm asking for?
Same thing I got two years ago
I want that garage cleaned out and straightened up!
I bet I'll find some of my hoard inventory I've forgotten about!

Thanks for buzzing in!  It's always so nice to see you stopped by for a little visit.
I'll be sure to have an iced latte ready for you the next time you come by.


  1. Wow, that's a huge cupboard! Hope your husband didn't injure his back!

  2. Holy Smoke! That is one BIG cupboard!! How nice to have a place to put your treasures!!


  3. That is some cupboard. Good for you!

  4. LOL....Oh you area kick! You so sound like me....I have a vintage style glider from Lowes I got two years ago for my BD, still in the box.....I am going to try your request, maybe for Christmas since it is cool....:):) That cupboard is AWESOME!

  5. S-c-o-r-e!

    Must be the cheerleader in me coming out:)

    Enjoy the organizing!


  6. Isn't it dangerous to buy such a big cupboard for fear you will fill it up?? Now you can really do some serious shopping!

  7. That is one big cupboard. I would have not any problem filling it up. Everyone needs more storage. Enjoy.

  8. You are going to be so organized with the large cupboard! I love that it has doors too. Great buy!

  9. This was a great purchase! Storage for my Etsy items to sell is my biggest problem! It keeps me from buying things to sell, because I don't know where to put them in the mean time. I must fid a HUGE cupboard like this! Do you think I'll have a beard by the time I find one?

  10. That cabinet is awe-s-o-me!!! Don't you LOVE finding something you've been pining for at a great price! Such a wonderful feeling AND you are recycling babe! Whoo-hoo!

  11. What a big cupboard!! My birthday is on Sept. 10th, when is yours? Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  12. You should be excited! Looking forward to seeing it stocked with your goodies:)


  13. Very exciting! You found a treasure.

  14. How fun...LOVE when things fall into place or I find something when I wasn't really trying....cuz it seems when I LOOK I cannot find stuff! lol- Thx for stopping by my Alice and Rabbit Tea. I hope you enjoy the final weeks of summer :)


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