Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Post Thanksgiving Post

We had a most wonderful Thanksgiving at my step-sister's house about an hour away.  

A lovely day spent with nieces and nephews that now live all across the country and with my sisters and brother that I don't get to see very often.

Yummy turkey, delicious cranberry sauce, and fantastic green salad!  Oh yes, I do like yams too.

But, I know you will be appalled when I tell you this, but I do not like mashed potatoes (yeah, I know - I made them this year - everybody said they were delicious) or stuffing.  Blech!!!

Well, I just had to share with you the beautiful table my sister set (with the help of her friend, Sue) 
The weather was sunny and bright - a bit chilly - but a heater and a little fire pit helped keep it comfortable.
Beautiful chargers at every place setting....
and gorgeous little bouquets with autumnal (one of my favorite words EVAH!) colors.
 Doesn't it all look so inviting?  I told her I was just going to have to blog about it!
And then another of my step-sister's made the most gorgeous cupcakes!  Brown butter pumpkin with caramel icing and sea salt - at least I think that's what they were (besides delicious, of course). 
 I thought they were from a bakery! 
Hope your Thanksgiving was exactly what it should be - a day for giving thanks for what we have.  I know I am thankful for all my family!
I am thankful for you!

Thanks for buzzing in,


  1. Looks like a wonderful get together!! I'll have a cupcake please!


  2. How much do I love those chargers!!! The table is beautiful. Those cupcakes look amazing. Glad you had a great day.
    blessings to you.

  3. Wow... everything looks gorgeous! I love the idea of thanksgiving outdoors. We could never do that in Baltimore. Pass a cupcake pleeease.

  4. Your holiday sounds like it was so much fun! The table looks fantastic and the little pumpkin goodies make my mouth water! Yummm! Thanks for your post the other day too... you sent me over to World Market as a one stop shopping place for Christmas!!!

  5. Such a beautiful table!! Glad your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Have a great week! xo Heather

  6. What a beautiful(and very long)table! How wonderful that everyone could be seated at one table. I don't cook mashed potatoes at our house. My husband hates them. When he was a kid (and he was supposed to clean his plate)he would stuff mashed potatoes in his pockets. Then he would take them out in his room and throw them under his bed. Yuck!


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