Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Been Buzzin' at Estate Sales Again

Wanna' know what I did for my Black Friday?

While Worker Bee had to go to his office for an hour or so, I dragged Baby Bee to a huge estate sale!  I have to be honest here.  I got the email about the sale on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I dreamed all Thanksgiving night about all the aqua/turquoise/blue milk glass that was in the preview pictures.  

(Should I be embarrassed about that?)

Wanna' see what we got?  
(And, oh yes, it was worth standing in line for 1/2 hour just to pay!)  

And, yes, you must suffer through my night time photographs.  


 Okay - what do you think this tray was used for?  Can you help me out here?  
 Baby Bee picked this one out!  I might be turning her into a vintage lover yet!  
I think it's a jelly or honey jar, but Baby Bee loved the color.

And do you see this darling book rack?
Look for this on my etsy shop soon (I hope).

Now what would you keep? 
 Would you be able to part with any of it?  

Oh....wanna' see why I was dreaming about this estate sale?
Thanks for buzzing in!  It's always so nice to see you.



  1. Why don't we have Black Friday here in Italy???oh...yes, I know why....we don't have any Thanksgiving :( ...even if we celebrate it with some wonderful American friends, have a nice day xoxoxxo, Flavia

  2. Nice scores! I would have been drooling over the cow, bunny & rooster pieces.

  3. Lovin' that fancy first bowl! Yep, I could see why you were excited-enjoy:@)

  4. It looks like a good haul. I have no idea what that piece was used for.

  5. The turquoise milk glass...I love it all. What a fun find.
    blessings to you.

  6. NOW...that's my kind a black Friday!...those crazy days are so over for me..but this is not crazy...relaxing and fun!

  7. What a wonderful way to spend Black Friday! Love all the blue glass. It is gorgeous. Part with it ... never :)


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