Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hot Chocolate Bar - A Charming Way to Warm Up

I'm getting ready for another party at Sweet Bee Cottage.

My elementary school staff Christmas party is going to be at our house.  Oh boy!!!

So....while I was enjoying my lunch at school today that silly bee buzzed in and gave me the idea to have a hot chocolate bar at our party.  So of course, I had to start pinning ideas.  
(Doesn't everybody do that?)
 Love the lace table runner on that dark counter and of course, I'm totally drawn to the galvanized metal tray thingie.
Great ideas for toppings here and they're just in plastic cups with labels.  Too cute!  (Hello, my name is Sweet Bee and I'm addicted to labels. Especially cute labels!)

 Do you see the blue glass cake stand?  Yeah, you know that's why I pinned this one!  The snowflakes are pretty cute too.
 I think this one has every topping you can imagine.  Can you see the Peeps snowmen in the one apothecary jar?  Toooooooo cute!
 More deliciousness in jars and that aqua pop is cute too.
 And then maybe I could have Baby Bee open up her own little hot chocolate stand.  Would you stop and buy a scrumptious hot chocolate from my cutie?
And more aqua and red for Christmas!  Love it!  This is a printable set you can buy.

Well, I did pick up a little something to put all my Christmas mugs on for our party.....
Luckily it's much bigger than this picture!  
Thank you World Market once again. 

I'm really, really, really lovin' all the delights I've been finding at World Market!  Did you know Bed, Bath and Beyond bought them a few months ago?  

Well, I'd love to know what you would want to put in your hot chocolate!
  Any suggestions?
You can visit my Pinterest board "Let's Have a Party" for links to these ideas and more!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Been Buzzin' at Estate Sales Again

Wanna' know what I did for my Black Friday?

While Worker Bee had to go to his office for an hour or so, I dragged Baby Bee to a huge estate sale!  I have to be honest here.  I got the email about the sale on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I dreamed all Thanksgiving night about all the aqua/turquoise/blue milk glass that was in the preview pictures.  

(Should I be embarrassed about that?)

Wanna' see what we got?  
(And, oh yes, it was worth standing in line for 1/2 hour just to pay!)  

And, yes, you must suffer through my night time photographs.  


 Okay - what do you think this tray was used for?  Can you help me out here?  
 Baby Bee picked this one out!  I might be turning her into a vintage lover yet!  
I think it's a jelly or honey jar, but Baby Bee loved the color.

And do you see this darling book rack?
Look for this on my etsy shop soon (I hope).

Now what would you keep? 
 Would you be able to part with any of it?  

Oh....wanna' see why I was dreaming about this estate sale?
Thanks for buzzing in!  It's always so nice to see you.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Post Thanksgiving Post

We had a most wonderful Thanksgiving at my step-sister's house about an hour away.  

A lovely day spent with nieces and nephews that now live all across the country and with my sisters and brother that I don't get to see very often.

Yummy turkey, delicious cranberry sauce, and fantastic green salad!  Oh yes, I do like yams too.

But, I know you will be appalled when I tell you this, but I do not like mashed potatoes (yeah, I know - I made them this year - everybody said they were delicious) or stuffing.  Blech!!!

Well, I just had to share with you the beautiful table my sister set (with the help of her friend, Sue) 
The weather was sunny and bright - a bit chilly - but a heater and a little fire pit helped keep it comfortable.
Beautiful chargers at every place setting....
and gorgeous little bouquets with autumnal (one of my favorite words EVAH!) colors.
 Doesn't it all look so inviting?  I told her I was just going to have to blog about it!
And then another of my step-sister's made the most gorgeous cupcakes!  Brown butter pumpkin with caramel icing and sea salt - at least I think that's what they were (besides delicious, of course). 
 I thought they were from a bakery! 
Hope your Thanksgiving was exactly what it should be - a day for giving thanks for what we have.  I know I am thankful for all my family!
I am thankful for you!

Thanks for buzzing in,

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Polka Dot Red for Thanksgiving

I threw away something I needed for Thanksgiving.  Not sure how I did it, but Worker Bee and I have torn apart the kitchen looking for it.
Well, I have a gazillion potatoes to prepare for Thanksgiving so Worker Bee and I buzzed into Sur La Table tonight to replace it.  
And imagine my delight when I found polka dot ones.  Polkas in aqua, purple AND RED!!!  Of course I had to have the polky one!
Hopefully the polka dots will help keep me from losing this one.  
C'mon!  How could I resist???  I know you would have bought it too.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!  
I see your smile!   
And here's to happy potato peeling for you!

And of course I'll be joining Sue's party for Rednesday!

Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a World Market Christmas

Have I ever told you I worked for Cost Plus World Market when I was in college?  Oh yes.  I was very hip.  (said with no irony - - - really - - - okay, said with LOTS of irony)  LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that job (except for that one cranky lady who called me all kinds of naughty names because I asked for ID with her check and a manager's approval - oh yes, this was in the days before debit cards)! 

The bad thing about that job is I frequently spent a lot of my paycheck on adorable items in the store.  

 And now, this very Christmas, their stores are filled with so many delights!  I didn't think to take pictures while I was there (one more reason, Worker Bee, for me to get an iPhone 5) so all of these images are from their website.  (Trust me, it's even better in person!)

Alrightee then....let's start off with all the great stuff in their baking section...

I love these measuring cups and how they all store in the red box.  I would keep these out all year I think.
 How can you not smile with these cute measuring spoons?  Ahhhhh.......sigh of cuteness.
 And I don't need a cookie jar, but this one sure does tell me to fill it up!
Now this bowl and it's red buddy (oh yes, they have them in red in the stores) will definitely be going in my shopping cart as soon as I can get there.  These are a good every day useful size AND they are plastic!  Really, the red is on the cutest, but you better not all go out and buy them up before I can!
I don't think I'd be able to put Christmas treats in this tin and give it away.  I want to keep it for myself!  There's also a red one of this too.  
 Could there be a trifecta of silicone spoons?  Well I sure did hit it here!  Can you imagine how blitheringly happy I would be cooking all day long with these cooking spoons?  (okay, blithering might be overstating it a bit - but Worker Bee - can you say stocking stuffer?)
How can I possibly choose between these two pastry carriers?  I think the French one might have a slight edge.

And for wrapping all those delight?  Red polka dot parchment paper!  
And peppermint striped sticks???
And I adore these little spice containers (they also come with a red lid or a mint green lid).  What's not to love?  A chalkboard label and my favorite colors - I wish I could afford to get one of these for all my spices - but a couple of them might be perfect for my stocking - are you paying attention Worker Bee?)

Now all that adorableness is not just in the baking section....their decor and entertaining sections are full of delights too!
I love these two snowmen, but I would use them in January when I decorate with snowy wintery items
Hello, do you see the perfect colors on these bottle brush trees? 
I think World Market's whole alpine line is just too cute.  You can see the matching apron down below... 
I also think you could get blinded by all the gorgeous mercury glass!  This is my favorite piece, but there are tons of candle holders and vases too.   
More of that cute alpine line.... 
From $9.99 to $19.99
Here's something else that will definitely be hopping home to Sweet Bee Cottage - these cute felt snowflake placemats - love the green!
Yes, I definitely have a thing for that alpine line.  Do you like it too?

Rest assured, this was not a paid endorsement of World Market, but if they came-a-knocking I sure wouldn't turn them away!

Are you buzzing about any new holiday decor?
And thank you so much for hanging in with me as I post sporadically.  
Your visits mean so much to me!