Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Getting a Start on Bee-ing Organized in 2013

Raise your hand if you are a fan of Martha Stewart.  Oh yes.....I see quite a few of you.
Now, how many of you know about her fabulous office line at Staples?  Lots of you again.

Well, I am a sucker for Martha so I headed out to Staples in another attempt to help Worker Bee and I stay organized.  (And yes, the milk glass taco is helping with the mail.)  I decided to buy some of the plastic envelopes with a wide adhesive strip to put on the doors of our computer armoire.  

Up until this morning I had cork tiles adhered to the doors of the armoire.  Great for pinning things up there, but not so great for organization.  (Can you believe I found mammogram results from 2009 on it? How embarrassing!)  

Well, of course, I couldn't just buy the envelopes, I also had to get some cute labels for them too.   

 I didn't think to get a before picture of the cork tiles, but they were just your basic cork tiles from Target that I cut to custom fit them into the insets on the doors.
I left one panel up on the opposite door, but I can see right now that those cards that Baby Bee made for Worker Bee are from about 3-4 years ago.  And Baby Bee hasn't been on Webkinz for about 3 years at least.
Hmmmm......already looking prettier than before....
Now when we sort the mail it has a labeled envelope to go in.  
 I labeled the 4 envelopes with Bills, To File, Action, and Baby Bee.  They are supposed to hold up to 50 sheets in each envelope.  I'll let you know if we have a sudden avalanche of paper.  
 And BONUS!  
Okay, I know it is totally dorky to get excited about paper clips, but look at those colors!  
They are red and JADEITE green!  Jadeite green paper clips – the paper clips of my dreams!
Hey, I told you it was dorky.  
 Don't they look all pretty and full of potential all nestled in their little aqua bed?  
 I just love how cute all of this looks.  (And yes, for those of you with eagle eyes that spotted those sad little post-it notes, they have been replaced with pretty post-it notes.)
 Now I just have to sort through this pile!  Pooey!

What are you doing to get organized for 2013?  

It sure is nice to see you stopping by for a visit.  
I just can't stand it!  I am so excited about the giveaways I have lined up over the next few weeks for you!  I am trying not to be a tease, but I am a dreadful one, aren't I!

Well, to power through that pile of papers (alliteration - a third grade standard) I'm whipping up a white mocha.  Would you like one too?


  1. Love the colors! I hope I can stay organized.... What I did last year seemed to so I am sticking to it!


  2. I love Martha I wish she would bring back the glass canisters with the aqua lids that had knobs on daughter wants them but they are no where to be found :(

  3. Organization is a great feeling. Martha has quality stuff. The aqua paper clips, I must have some. Happy organizing.
    blessings to you.

  4. Organization is the key to life, just wish I was more skilled at it! You've done a great job...Martha would be proud!
    I wish I had a Staples near me.

  5. this is a great ideqa..have a wonderfful 2013, xoxox Flavia

  6. Looks great and the colors are fun! Happy 2013:@)

  7. Good luck with that project. I'm saying this with a smirk because I'm sitting here surrounded by piles of papers that I started on yesterday. Ick. Paperwork is stinky.

  8. I have to admit, when I go to Staples I always peruse Martha's things.

  9. Oh, no, my desk drawer looks like YOUR desktop! I'd better go lood for some of Martha's things.

  10. Let's just say that I "aspire" to be better organized this year. :-)
    You provide good inspiration...


  11. I'd luv 1! The boys don't appreciate making me an afternoon cup of coffee to help me plow thru my piles & boxes! Lol TFS, I don't think I knew about her Staples line. U'd luv what I won at my Teacher Christmas Party. It came out of her Macy's kitchen line. It is a set of 4 fresf portion chill containers. They are ur fav colors!! Perfect for a Teacher to bring a sammie or salad that needs to be chilled.

  12. More organizing ideas, please! Maybe, Maybe, I'll be inspired! I like the envelope idea - I'll be heading to Staples soon! Thanks!

  13. I love the Martha line at Staples too! I put 3 of the aqua boxes together to create an organizer for my desk at work. I put a few tangerine colored accents with it and it's very happy!

    And Jadeite is Soooo NOT dorky! The aqua was a departure from Jadeite for me. Thank you for the ideas. Please keep em coming.


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