Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Getting Worker Bee Organized

I LOVE getting things organized!

I have to confess that I'm not always great at keeping things organized however.

And....well.....Worker Bee is even worse.  (Sorry Worker Bee, I called you out there AND threw you under the bus.)

Well, it was time.  Time to get Worker Bee's side of our closet organized.  

 Hey!  It doesn't look so bad....
Cue the ominous music....
Oh yes, I see danger lurking there in that bottom right corner....
Eeeeeeek!  Why is there a Trader Joe's bag in there Worker Bee? 
(Boy am I glad HE doesn't have a blog where he can point out all the mess on MY side of the closet!)
 How does all that junk fit in that tiny closet???
What happened to my pretty little bed?

Well after 4 ginormous bags of clothing Worker Bee donated,
we had this....

Now doesn't that look grand?
A nice big basket for shoes (uh...Worker Bee....why aren't there more shoes in there?  Are they out in the living room again?) and
all the shirts nicely sorted by type.
 Okay....I have to admit....I'm kind of proud of this idea.  I used foam door hangers I picked up at Michaels and cut a slit so it would go over the closet rod....
 so long sleeved knits are separated form long sleeve button shirts, which are then separated from polo shirts, and then those are separate short sleeve button shirts and so on and so on....
Ahhh......organized nirvana.....
 Then Worker Bee's sweaters are stacked nicely on that top shelf.  Worker Bee might be almost as addicted to sweaters as I am.  Although I'm exponentially more addicted than he, as in for every 1 of his I have 12 (or maybe more she confesses sheepishly).
 All his ties are hung neatly on a little peg rack.  (And really, Worker Bee, you couldn't get rid of the cheapy Christmas and St. Patrick's Day ties?  Those would have easily fit in those 4 huge bags.)
A nice handy hook for hanging his robe, pajamas, or whatever....
And one of our favorite inventions for tight closets.....stacking pants hangers.  Just clip them on and you can fit four pair of pants in the space of about 2 pants would take up on normal hangers.
Doesn't it look marvelous???

Next side of the closet, Baby Bee's closet, the hall closet,the coat closet....I could go on and on, but it sure does feel good to have one closet tackled and done.

So what are you working on to get organized?
(And have you noticed?  Two projects done!  Yes, I know, none from on my sidebar, but those WILL happen someday!)

Thanks for buzzing by!


  1. Your closets look like ours. On the outside we look very organized but just don't open doors and cabinets!


  2. Hi! Your closet is much improved. Now will hubby be able to keep it that way??
    Thank-you for all of your lovely comments on my blog, Queen B Creative Me. What you decide to call your daughter after "Bronwyn" was vetoed?? I, too, am a teacher - I teach primary music . How about you? If you are loving the "red and aqua" combo, tune in - I'll be revealing my children's newly made over bathroom - all in aqua and red!!

    Hugs form one Bee to another!!


  3. O so neat and tidy. Don't you just love organization? The closet looks great. My husband saves nothing. When he gets a new shirt,pants or shoes, before he puts them away, he throws away the like item. Happy organizing!

  4. This looks fantastic! I get a lot of satisfaction out of organizing, too. It just makes life easier. I was really happy that one day hubs just got tired of picking his ties up off the floor of his closet and having all of his clothes stuffed in there getting wrinkled. He bought a closet organizer system and put it together one afternoon. I am really loving it because it's basically impossible to mess up. Now I could use one for my closet!


  5. now when spring comes you can do other fun things!

  6. His side of the closet is looking good! I have a question about your closet. Did you guys add your closet to the room? We are thinking of building another closet in our bedroom, and I like the sliding doors on yours.

  7. Great job! There's nothing like the sense of utter accomplishment you feel when you clean out a closet.:)

  8. Isn't is amazing how closets get so out of control??? You did a great job, Worker Bee's looks great!!


  9. I just want closets!!! You've done a lovely job.

  10. You did a great job on the closet. I need to work on all of mine. I like the dividers you made ... so creative :)

  11. When you finish will you come do mine??? Mine are a lot worse! You would have a great time! lol

  12. What a great blog--what a great post! I am organizationally handicapped and plan to use several of your tips. I've just come across this blog and really, reeeeeally enjoyed it. I've always thought of myself as a leader, but for you, I'll be a follower.

  13. Wow, you did an amazing job in your closet! I got some great tips. I found your blog at FaFF. Have a great weekend. Blessings, Dani

  14. Hahahaha! I see that there's another one of me out there! I love organizing too! Nice job:)


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