Saturday, January 26, 2013

Target Is My BEEloved!

What is it about Target?  How does it seduce me every time I enter its red doors?  Why do things just hop into its fun red carts?

Well, you would be proud of me this time.  I resisted.....for now.

You see, although it's gray and foggy and dreary here at Sweet Bee Cottage today, I found some things that will make you start dreaming of spring and summer (like you aren't doing that already) and how much fun we're going to have in our yards this year!

First, I found all these colorful lanterns!  Turquoise and white and lime green (my personal fav these days) and red and black.....aren't they fabulous?  I know exactly where I would put them.  But, as I mentioned before, I didn't buy any of them.  I know.  You're shocked.
And then in the same area were these gorgeous plates and bowls - made out of plastic.  (Are they still called melamine?  Am I showing that I grew up in the 70s and that's what we called that plastic stuff?)

Don't you love the colors?  The quality seemed quite nice on these beauties.  They have a little rope edging and a wavy texture.  Oh my...I really do like these.  Dinner plates were $3 each and salad plates were $2.  Can't remember the cost of the bowl now.  And you know what?  These didn't hop in that red cart either.
 Next I found these beautiful green glasses!  They were plastic/acrylic too!  Aren't they pretty?  But do you think drinks would look funny in them?  Like green milk?  Something to think about.  
 And then.....hidden away on an end cap (can you tell I worked retail in college?) were these adorable birdhouses, planters, and pitchers.....
 with garden gloves and tools to match!  Love them!  Maybe it's that bright green backdrop that grabbed my attention, but I think I better tell Worker Bee where he can go shopping for me for Valentine's Day!  
Although Worker Bee?  If you are going to shop from my blog for me I better get specific.  I really, really, really, really, really, really like the dishes. 


I should mention all these pictures were taken with my new tool/toy!  I'll have to show you that soon.

Thanks for buzzing by!  I'm making Manhattan Clam Chowder for dinner tonight and I better get it started.  Worker Bee's been asking for it for ages now.  It will be a fun treat!

Oh and don't forget to enter both of my giveaways!  #1 ends tonight!  

Oh and P.S.  I DO love Target, but I love Worker Bee more.  (And that's probably why none of those ended up in my cart.)

P.P.S.  Have I mentioned my nephew works for Target?  He's one of their designers.  He had some fabulous things for Christmas.  Did I blog about any of them?  No!  I should have!  Sorry nephew - or should I call you Target Bee?


  1. I am right there with you! There is a definite high that comes from pushing my red cart around Target. Sometimes I guess a Starbucks goody and enjoy it even more. The seasonal items that come out are always wonderful! Each year the summery plates that come out grab my attention - if only I didn't already have cute ones!

  2. Sometimes I get a Starbucks....

    When you watch tv while typing you make mistakes. Sorry. :)

  3. Oh, I'm in love with everything. My daughter had to go there the other day for some school supplies and I just couldn't go with her. I have no willpower there. I bought some of those melamine (??) plates last spring...not the same pattern, thinking we could use them outdoors. Well, we use them them a lot for lunch and snacks and I just wash them up in the sink. These floral ones are SO cute and they are on my list for when I dare to go back! I can't believe they have gardening things out already. Then again, it's warmer than here in parts of the country.

    Your soup sounds delicious!


  4. When I look in my yard it screams winter!! But your post makes me think of summer!


  5. I love all the pics from Target! I will have to check it all out. I don't need anything but I love the dishes too! Hope you get some for Valentines!

  6. I love Tar-jay!! And your soon to be new melamine. :-)


  7. Yes, Ma'am. Target is da bomb!!! I love those plates. So colorful!

  8. Isn't it fun, though, to check out the *new* stuff they just put out??!!!

  9. Oh, so funny - the last time I was in Target, I noticed all the things you showed - and oooohed and aaaahhhd over them, but they didn't come with me either. I have more stuff than I know what to do with, really. FUN POST!

  10. you have an ad in the middle of this blog. It is a guy with a jail suit and asks if you have ever been arrested. do you get to pick and choose your ads?

    1. I find the ads are based on recent website visits I've made. At other times they are just generic. Google picks the ads.


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