Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm a Little Chef!

A Little Chef vintage oven owner that is!

A few weeks ago I went a little crazy and bid on one of these cute ovens on ebay.  I've been yearning for one ever since I saw it on Elaine's blog Sunny Simple Life.  

I would find them quite a bit on ebay but either the condition would be terrible if the price fit or if the condition was good the price did not fit my budget.  

Well this little cutie is in really good condition with a small you notice it?

Honestly I didn't see it and kind of forgot about it when I bid on it.  (Although the seller very clearly disclosed what was wrong with it.)

Not sure if she's going to stay here on top of my kitchen bookcase, but she's there for now and I like her!

Well....I gotta' ask.  Have you ever started yearning for something you didn't even know existed once you saw it on someone's blog?  I'd love to know what!  (Although, maybe I don't because then I'll go check it out and then I'll start wanting it too!  Worker Bee would not approve!)

And all the pictures for my post tonight were taken by.................drum roll new iPhone!!!!

I love it!  Now when I'm on the go I can quickly take pics for my blog (like the ones from Target the other day) and take pictures at school.  I even used it to do a quick bit of research on something I saw at the thrift shop yesterday before I bought it.  In the few weeks I've had my new friend I can't imagine what I did before - especially my calendar.  

Thanks so much for buzzing in to visit!  
Your visits always bring a smile to my face.

P.S.  I'll be announcing the Mary Engelbreit giveaway winner tomorrow!  And it's time for the Giveaway Palooza to continue with Giveaway #3!

P.P.S.  I'm linking up to Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home!
P.P.S. Oh and by the way, anybody have an extra oven handle for a Little Chef oven?  LOL


  1. It's too cute!! And yes, I have seen things on blogs and yearned.....sometimes I search for one and others, well, I just have to go back and visit the blog to enjoy!


  2. What a coincidence...the thing I was yearning for was a little oven similar to yours that I saw on "Musings From Kim K" blog. I had seen one at the antique was unsold after several years. When I saw Kim's I rushed down to the mall and found it for 20% was meant to be. =D

  3. The little oven is darling..I will keep my eye open for a handle on my flea market jaunts.
    blessings to you.

  4. It is darling for sure! Maybe you could fashion a handle for the time being. I know that feeling quite well. I get something in my mind and it takes over!!! Now I want a tin dollhouse like I had when I was little! I've seen some sweet ones on other blogs and the bug has bitten me!!!!!!

  5. Adorable oven!!! Such a cute treasure to have!! Wishing you a sweet week! xo Heather

  6. I think it's adorable.You can just buy one of those rusty banged up ones cheap for the handle.It looks fine.Yes I'm guilty of falling in love with things I never knew were out there Blessings!~Amy

  7. cool lil oven! I need to show my set. I luv Ribbonwood Cottage's collection of ovens she keeps in her kitchie!! I also swoon over that delphite pyrex glassware I never knew about..but U did. (:

  8. Oh...where is her handle on the door???? Your know you can probable make on out of paperclay that no one will know isn't the original...she sure is cute! I wish I could put my toy stove in my kitchen, not much room...:)

  9. Ohhhhh, lucky you! I know what you mean about seeing something on someones blog and wanting one myself - it happens every day! LOL! I also won a toy stove on Ebay - and will posts about it in awhile. I am happy for you that you got your little stove - and I do wish I had a handle for you!

  10. Oh my goodness, Janelle, that's the CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! Sorry, got a little excited there. I didn't even know such things existed, and now I totally want one! And is that a serious Jadite collection I spy? So jealous! I'm Jadite green with envy, hahahaha! Congrats on your phone -- they are very handy!! ~Angela~

  11. How cute!!! The oven is so adorable I didn't even notice the handle. Have a fun week. Blessings, Dani

  12. Well isn't she a hot little number? So cute, and even better because she's been loved! Linda

  13. That is a sweet little oven and the first I've seen. I must admit there are several things I have seen on blogs that I have lusted for.

    Most recently I was thrilled to find a bottle / cup drying rack at World Market and ON SALE (two of my favorite words when said together). Now that I own one of these lovelies, I just need to find the perfect space for it.


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