Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Vintage Buzz

We finally had a sunny day AND I had the time to take some pictures of some items I've been wanting to list on etsy.  

Wanna' see?

A cute little cottage needlepoint...
 a darling boxed set of soapy Santas....
 a charming platter made by Johnson Brothers...
this sweet plate and gravy/sauce boat from the late 19th century (I've actually owned these for a few years and had no idea that they were that old)....
a fun coffee can that I'm ready to say good-bye to.... 
 a charming small platter with what looks like wild roses on it (don't you just love the scalloped edge?)
 a fantastic Maxey chicken platter that is HUGE.....
a charming Wolverine Sunny Suzy toy iron..... 
and an oh so sweet child's book rack! 
Honestly this is just a small dent in my stash of vintage items I've picked up lately!

Here's to more sunny days and lots of time to research, photograph, and list my vintage finds!

Well, you know what I'm buzzing about these days.
What are you buzzing about?


  1. I love that iron and child's book shelf...going to your shop to take a peek...have a great week....blessings

  2. You have a lot of goodies to be buzzing about; I bought cilantro and kale plants today after church, and 6 lilac stock plants that smell like cinnamon.

  3. Such sweet finds! Love the needlepoint!! xo Heather

  4. Love the needlepoint!!! I'm enjoying the sun too!! But, this morning is a little cooler and they are talking rain this week!


  5. Gosh, I think I'd better go look at your Etsy shop!

  6. We finally had some sun today, too! I'm going to hop over and check out all your items in your shop!

  7. I love that vintage book rack! I wish I didn't live so far away...

  8. Oh! I have that same iron in pink... never used and it's box. I have to admit... I headed right over to your etsy site when I saw this post right after it came out and the item I wanted was already gone... boo for me but great for you ;)


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