Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yes, It's Me Again. The Blogger Obsessed With World Market

Really, dear friends.  I have to shake this obsession.  It's beginning to be embarrassing.

   (Ehhhh.....I'm not really too embarrassed since I'm clearly going to tell you about more finds from World Market I spied with my buddy Siri.)

Whenever I go there these days I just have to look in every nook and corner.
Sometimes twice.
Sometimes thrice.  
I wonder if I'm on any security cameras just wandering and wandering around the store.  
Bet I am!

On Monday I had to head to the big city and of course, I had to make sure there was time for a visit to my new fav - World Market.
 Found these delights on a little end cap.  Aren't they pretty?
(Did I mention we are making cake pops for Baby Bee's birthday bash? Sadly, pink and blue and girly are not what she has in mind for her party.)

Now look at this adorable little cookie tin!
Let them eat cookies!  What would Marie Antoinette think?
Why she would think, let them eat cake instead!  Too cute!
 And I have to tell you I am in LURVE with this Vintage Cakes book.  I don't care what kind of recipes are in it - the cover got me.  Wasn't that Jerry Maguire where they said, "You had me at hello?" Well this one had!
It might have had me at the blue background.  It might have had me at the pink cake too.  
Oh and did you notice the darling cookbook holder?  What?  You missed it?  Why it's the crossed spoon and fork!  

Can you BEElieve it?  I didn't buy any of these......yet.  

But, you might BEElieve I picked up this...
I'm all aBUZZ!

Wanna' come over and have some honey with me?


  1. You are so funny! I really love that cookbook holder. We don't have a World Market nearby but I have shopped on the website. Love it!


  2. World Market is a pretty cool store! I'm consider myself very lucky to have one so close!!! Love the cookbook holder!!


  3. Such fun stuff... I was hoping to work in a World Market stop on Monday when I headed to Seattle to pick up my daughter at the airport (there's one close by) but alas.... her plane didn't cooperate!


    PS I would have bought those cupcake wrappers anyhow... but of course that's why I have a drawer full of them now ;)

  4. When I saw that glass hive decanter I immediately thought of you!!!!! I love their stuff also, but it has really gotten expensive! And I personally....DON'T need more stuff! lol

    but it is fun to look.....:)

  5. I knew you would be not able to resist that cute bee drink dispenser :). World Market is just the best.

  6. I never heard of that store....such pretty things!!!!!...I'll have to look that up and see if we have one of those stores.

  7. That beehive drink dispenser and the fork and spoon cookbook holder are fabulous. I like World Market too but you could be president of their fan club! LOL

  8. I'll take one of each please. I would so bee in trouble if we had a World Market in Oklahoma City.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  9. Ok, help me puh-leeze! What is World Market? It must be a West Coast thing, because I am on the East Coast and haven't heard of it. Poor sad me.

    (Looks super cool, though. Love those tins for cookies and cakes!!)

  10. Girl..I went in their last week and thought about you. There is other bee stuff out in the spring area. I got covered boxes, 3 tier chicken wire server...

  11. I need to make a trip to World Market! Love all the vintage looking items. I have the beehive drink dispenser and think it is adorable.

  12. Oh...What fun World Market is...I love going in an checking out all the amazing items. Would you believe I have that awesome beehive water/lemonade stand and container? I got it at Fred Meyer for free. If I moved an RX prescription to their Pharmacy they gave me a $25 gift card. And, you can guess just what I used the gift card for....Yep, the Beehive Jar.
    Just love it!
    Thanks for the fun post.
    Carolynn xoxo

  13. Everything is tempting and simply darling!

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  15. I too love WM did you get the email with the Aqua bird butter dish for only $5...must make time for a trip soon!

  16. Temptations, temptations! Lovely what you got in the end!

  17. Love to visit world market and we have a quarterly that we call it expo.So many things to choose from home and personal stuff.

  18. Goodness, I wish we had a WM around here! But I do the same at Homegoods! I spend hours there and cover every square foot. I always find treasures. I like to go alone and look at every piece. Obsessed!
    Enjoy your shopping!

  19. I have only been there once, but it's easy to see that I need to go again. Love, love all of your goodies! You go girl!!

  20. Love your blog! We've just booked one of our favourite holiday cottages in UK for this summer. Can't wait! Your items would look perfect in there!


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