Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Baby Bee Beach Bash

Edited to add:  Started this post the night of the slumber party and didn't finish it for a few days.

What a world of difference a 4th grade sleepover is vs. a 6th grade sleepover!  The 6th grade is much easier!

Right now we have 8 girls just hanging out in the sunroom after we brought them in from playing with beach balls in 44┬║ weather in our backyard.  (8 girls screaming in the backyard at 10:30 at night hopefully won't upset our neighbors too much.)

One of the best ideas I borrowed from....well all over the place.....was a photo booth!
I bought some of those $2 tablecloths at the party supply store and we taped them up to the bookcases in the library.
I set up my laptop on a table and they took TONS of pictures.  I picked up a few props from Dollar Tree and the dollar bins at Target and had them handy in a basket in the booth.  

Our living room wicker chairs fit the theme perfectly and they even have apple green pillows on them now to go with the colors.

 We served cherry limeade and lemon-lime soda.  I couldn't resist getting some striped paper straws from Michaels in ------aqua of course.
All the colors were lime green, aqua, and turquoise!
I even found cute little beach pails in lime green at the party store that we filled with treats.
 Decorations were pretty simple this year - just some fun curly cues hanging from the ceiling and I drew a sandy beach on the giant chalkboard.  Pulled together a last minute bunting by adding the phrase Happy Birthday to the adirondack chair tags we made for the invitations.  
Only one craft this year!  YEAH!
We painted those great $1 wooden frames from Michaels with Martha's Beachglass paint and the girls glued shells on them.  
They turned out great!  Sent the photobooth pictures to Walgreens and they were ready in the morning for them.

I have video of the girls all singing along to Adele's Rolling in the Deep as they glued the shells on but I am not allowed to share that with you.  Just trust me when I say it was so sweet and charming.  

Of course we had delicious treats!
My friend SHE-Bee (long story as to her name, but let's just say Baby Bee will get a kick out of it) came over and helped us make cake pops!  
 A veritable forest of cake pops!
 The red ones?  Yeah, those are especially made for me!  (You know how I'm lovin' that red and aqua combo right now!)
Kind of reminds me of The Lorax trees.

 Nighttime beachball volleyball!  Hope the neighbors didn't mind too much!
And now for the morning after.....
It was a wonderful party and a great way to end her elementary school years.  

Next year she is off to middle school with new friends and new interests and I'm so glad we made time for this party to happen.  

My Baby Bee is growing up! (She says both proudly and sadly.)

So glad you're buzzing along with us!
It's a delight to see you.


  1. Such a sweet and precious time of her life!!

  2. Looks like a great party!!! I'm sure all the girls had a great time!!!


  3. I remember that morning after floor well :) I was never a morning person so I always wanted everyone to leave not long after we woke up.

  4. It all looks like such fun. What sweet memories you are making. I love the photo booth and props.
    blessing to you.

  5. You should be a party planner!

  6. What a fun party! I bet the girls had a BLAST! Happy Birthday to Baby Bee!

  7. That looks like so much fun. You thought of everything! Look at that moon shining on the beach volleyball. :)

  8. You're a good Momma! I have such fond memories of the sleepovers that I went to when I was a girl. They were some of the best times of my young life...We giggled, told scary stories, ate and ate and ate and tried to stay awake all night.
    I love your morning after photo!
    Hopefully, your neighbors will still speak to you after it's all over!
    Carolynn xo

  9. Such a fun party! Looks like they all had a wonderful time.

  10. You're such a "cool" Mom. I hope Baby Bee knows that. :-)



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