Saturday, March 16, 2013

Forgive Me Please for Bragging About Baby Bee....But I'm Just So Proud!

Today Baby Bee competed at our county History Day.  She has turned into a bit of a chip off the old block and has become a bit of a ham.  (I probably have not mentioned this before, but I LOVE to speak in front of audiences – after all, I consider my third graders to be a captive audience – and I am definitely a ham.  So is Worker Bee.  Baby Bee did not stand a chance.)

Okay, I digress.  I'll get back on track.

So today was the big competition.  They had won first place at the school district level, but since they were the only entry, they didn't know how good they might actually be.  

She and her group chose to do a group performance.  They wrote their own play, came up with their own props and scenery, and decided what costumes to wear.  Their performance was on the Great Depression and its effect on one family.  I really loved how they ended it with a ray of hope as the economy began to improve and their family's situation began to improve.  

Well their little group ended up being co-champions and will advance to the state History Day!  Oh my goodness I had such butterflies in my stomach as we waited for them to announce the winners.  

Now it means more work and improving upon their project, but what a fantastic experience this is going to be.

Buzz, buuuuuuuzzz, buzz.  That's bee speak for saying thank you for letting a proud Mama brag a bit about her little Baby Bee.  


  1. How wonderful!!!! I would be as proud as can "bee" also!!!! :):)

  2. Congratulations to Baby Bee and her team! Quite an accomplishment! Good luck as they move on and up.

  3. That is awesome. I think it is perfectly acceptable to brag on one's kid's on your very own blog. I know I do. :)

  4. Brag away girl... What a huge accomplishment. Congrats...

  5. Congrats to Baby Bee and her team and what a wonderful experience for all of them! Brag away!

  6. Please give yourself a pat on the back from me to you for the History Bee! And what an accomplishment for the class Hi Five to all!

  7. This just brings tears to my eyes! It's just wonderful - their effort - the experience - the whole point of their project - their love of learning - it's just wonderful!!!! Oh, and I do love a ham! =] Congratulations!


  8. Congrats to Baby Bee! You should brag on her!!


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