Sunday, March 10, 2013

Still Drooling Over More Finds at World Market

Good thing this store is not just down the street from me.  
I would be in BIG TROUBLE!

I really should be working on report cards right now, but blogging is a welcome distraction!

Want to be distracted with me?

Let's check out some of their Easter delights....

Whenever I see carrots I can't help but think of Joyce from Scrap for Joy.  Did you know she collects carrots?  We were in an Easter swap a while back and I was delighted to learn that.  Of course I had a hard time finding carrots at the time - but now they pop up all over the place.  

Aren't these adorable?
 They even have cute little springy wraps for little cakes.
(I couldn't resist the adorable little icing spatula to the right here.)
 Aren't these the sweetest  little egg shaped plates?
And they come in so many pretty colors!
 What are you waiting for?  Go get 'em!  
 If only Baby Bee were still a wee little one.  I would scoop up these plastic plates and glasses in a second.  Don't they have a charming vintage look?
 Oh no!  Hold me back!  I'm feeling the urge to head up to World Market right now.  
I think my report cards just saved me (and my budget).

So.....what are you buzzing about?

Thanks for buzzing in!
Nice to see you.
(And thanks for being distracted with me.)

P.S.  I'm afraid I have even more delights to share from World Market!
 Can't help it - I'm buzzin'!


  1. OK....big breath....No! I am not going to World Market....I would be in so much trouble and I went to Kmart and Target today so I have to be done! lol Thanks for the photos though, at least I can look....

  2. I think World Market should be compensating you for blogging about their goodies! The Easter plates are too cute!


  3. WM is one of my favorites! They have the cutest stuff!

  4. I live near a World Market and have to limit my trips there. Just the cutest things ever.
    Glad that you practiced self control :)
    blessings to you.

  5. I definitely would love to go get one or two of the egg shaped plates. How cute!


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