Saturday, July 12, 2014

I Went to the Bad Place...

Okay….maybe only Worker Bee thinks of it as the "Bad Place."  Oh yeah, Baby Bee is not a shopper (yet….one day I'll turn her into one, I'm sure) so she doesn't love the "Bad Place" either.


I went out of my way (sorta')  to buzz into the "Bad Place" and I bought something for me (alright, you caught me, several things for me) and a couple of things for you too.

What?  For little ol' me you say?

Yes.  For little ol' you!

But first MY stuff!  HA!

A local instragram buddy let me know that these were back in stock at the "Bad Place" so I bought some for me.

And then I found a cute dish towel that fits my new beachy look.  

And….of course…..

I could NOT resist this!

I passed it by the other day, took pictures of it, talked about it on instagram and Facebook and after much contemplation, I had to get it.

(But I didn't buy one of those for you - I know - I'm cruel that way.)

But I did buy two of the things I mentioned in this post (and it wasn't the dish towel) to share with you in a giveaway….soon I promise.  I mean, I've so neglected my blog lately, I've got to do something to bribe you to come back and visit!

Can you figure out what it might be???

So, what's your favorite "Bad Place" to shop?

P.S.  BTW, my "Bad Place" is World Market if you didn't know.  Really!  They should hire me!
(well, they did when I was in college)
P.P.S  Do you love emojis?  I'm afraid I might be addicted to them when I text.  There could be worse things, right?  Right?  I'll try not to get addicted to them on blog posts.  


  1. It could be much worse! I bought the glass drying rack when I went last week and I don't like it on my counters. When I take it back, I'm going to look for that adorable spoon!

  2. I totally agree, World Market gets me every time!! Why oh why do I even go inside, ;).

  3. I bet it would be great place to work. :) though I would spend more than sale probably.

  4. Yay!! I knew those spoons were meant for you. Wink...wink

  5. The wooden spoon is so YOU! I bet you're giving away the Mason jar measuring cups! When I last went to World Market, they didn't have any! So glad to know they're back in stock. (And I knew what BAD place you meant as soon as I read the title of your post-you should be one of their paid ambassadors, if they have such a thing!)

  6. LOL...that wooden spoon is perfect!!! I am going to try to get one for a friend of bad place to shop???? a Scrapbook store in town and Michael's....then World Market, the Michael's and the WM are right next door to each other...:)

  7. Love that spoon..drool... Hmmm I prefer garage sales and the flea never know what you'll find. Warm Blessings! Amy

  8. I LOVE everything...this is so not a "Bad Place"! Ha! I love the blue jart and that spoon is just perfect for you!!

    I have been really coming up short on my blog, too. Summer?? lol! :) Thanks for your visit!

    Jane xx

  9. That mason jar!!! Is it measuring cups? I surely don't need any but it sure is tempting!

  10. Oh yeah, being a regular reader of your blog I knew what "the BAD place" was! I've never been there, but I do enjoy seeing all your purchases :) There is a vintage store I go to when I visit my parents & that is definitely my BAD place...I usually return a few times to get all the items I 'need' before I have to return home ;P
    Smiles, DianeM

  11. I was just at World Market yesterday... I bought a really sweet 'lil scalloped easel.. I don't know what it's intended to be used for, but I'm gonna put my iPad right on that do-hickey... perfect for watching videos while I'm working. :-) LOVE that sectioned blue jar. Now, I did NOT see that at my local store and now I'm gonna get a bit OCD about it and be on a search!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my jam-packed studio. I swear, I can't bring anything else home... but, of course, I WILL. :-)

    Blessings to you!



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