Thursday, July 10, 2014

Have You Ever Loved a TV Kitchen?

Besides the Brady Bunch kitchen, right?

Well, I am in 
with the kitchen 
Damaris (I feel like I can just call her Damaris) was the winner of last year's Next Food Network Star.  Worker Bee and I enjoy watching that show and we were both fans of hers.  

She is quite quirky (does that remind you of someone?) and has a fun sense of humor and she is a culinary teacher (remind you of someone again?)  I find her quite endearing.

But in all honesty, as much as I like her and her show,
it's the KITCHEN I'm smitten with!

And it's not even the cupboards or counters that get me all excited.

It's the accessories PEOPLE!

I struggled to find images on the internet to show you all the delightful little containers and tools she uses.  And with my World Market Eagle Eye (yes, that is a medical condition and it can only be treated by frequent trips to World Market so you can spy new things to want with your World Market Eagle Eye) I noticed quite a few of the little aqua delights are from there.

 Not sure if the little birdie butter dish is still available, but most of the other items I saw at the store just the other day.
Best way to spot the cuteness for yourself is to watch the show!  I am not usually home when the show airs, but I catch it on demand.  

So what TV kitchen do you LOVE?

And what have you been making in your kitchen this hot summer?  Well at least it's hot here in Central California!  
My sis-in-law just sent me pictures of the flood at the lake they live on in Minnesota.  Sure wish they could send that rain our way.

P.S.  Notice the beachy colors?  I wondered if you were paying attention.


  1. I bought the birdie butter dish for $5.99 the other day. Love it! I've never watched that show. Thanks for telling us. :)

  2. Seriously??? Aqua, turquoise in my kitchen is a MUST!! I have never seen her show, but now I will. I am coveting the turquoise drink dispenser. Blessings to you.

  3. She is adorable! I love her show! It's so interesting how she uses coconut oil instead of other oils for cooking and baking.

  4. Those are the cutest measuring cups I have ever seen!!

  5. I was a Damaris fan on Food Network Star, too....there's nothing wrong with quirky! Who are you liking this season? My all-time favorite kitchen is Ina's.....The Hamptons, huge cooking space, butter....what's not to love? Of course now I had to wander over to gawk at your beach board and re pinned a bunch of things. I'm very excited about decorating our blank canvas house!! Our taste is very similar....I think we would enjoy sharing an iced coffee together!

    1. Hi Joyce! Guess what? I spotted something that made me think of you immediately. I will send you a picture when I get it off my phone. As for NFNS, I like Emma a lot - she just has such a soothing voice and I like her personality and I kind of like Nicole because I love seafood so much. I also like Lenny so it's a tough one this year. Usually by this point all the ones I like are gone or there's only one left. Now if you ever get to California or I get to Delaware we are going to have to find each other! I will be in Minnesota in December….

  6. I've never seen the show, but I a all over aqua! lol! So many cute, cute things! I love World Market, but do not have the eye because I don't get there very often. I notice homes with beadboard and cute stair cases on shows as well. Can't think of a fab kitchen off hand. I do have a few of those cute green ball jars.

  7. Thanks for introducing me to this show! I rarely watch television any more (thanks to blogging) but I'll set it to record just so I can see the kitchen. My all-time favorite kitchen was in the movie Something's Gotta Give!

  8. I always loved Bewitched kitchen. I loved the entire house!

  9. Oh yes! That was such a stylish house to me. One I love to see today is The Waltons kitchen. I love catching that show every once in awhile on the Hallmark Channel.

  10. I love the house on PBS's "Cooks Country", and I always liked how Sandra Lee would change out the decor behind here to go with her cooking theme for each show, and Lidia on Create has a nice kitchen she just redid - and yummy looking food too! I'll have to check out Damaris' now :)

  11. I love to watch TV shows and movies with beautiful cozy homes and kitchens especially draw me in! I think back to older TV shows - Family, Family Ties. Loved both of those kitchens.

    Last month I did a lot of baking and cooking when our Texans were visiting - so much fun family time!

    Hope that all is well and that you are all enjoying your summer!



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