Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sweet Bee-ach Cottage

Please forgive the spelling in the title.  I just couldn't resist.

I've come back from our beach vacation, freshly inspired.

When I first started blogging, I was all about the 1950s vintage cottage - inspired by vintage tablecloths.  I still have quite a bit of that style, especially in my kitchen, and I'll always love it, but I'm finding myself drawn more and more to the blues and greens inspired by the beach.  

So I'm going Sweet Bee-achy!

Now, I'm fully aware that I live about 130 miles from the beach, so I don't want to go too beachy.  I think it would look a bit ridiculous to have tons of sand dollars and shells in a house where we frequently have 10 or more days in a row of 100º+, but wouldn't the cool colors from the beach be so refreshing when it's so hot outside. 

In fact, at our wedding, Worker Bee promised to never grow tired of the colors blue and white, so I know he's fully committed.  Ha!

 Are you inspired?

I love seeing you've buzzed in for a visit! 
Thanks for hanging in there with me.

P.S.  Collage images snagged from my Pinterest board - I Left My Heart at the Beach.


  1. More and more, I'm seeing beachy blues and greens together. More and more, I'm liking the soothing feel of them combined.

  2. I so agree with you about desiring beach cottage decor - at least for the summer months :) I just had to follow your Pinterest board!
    Smiles, DianeM :)

  3. I didn't realize you lived so close to the beach! I love the colors too -- very calming and soothing in case there isn't an ocean view out the window. :)


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