Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Too Many Irons In the Fire

Wow!  It's been a busy few days.

My Baby Bee is off to camp this week, but getting her packed up and organized was a job.  Plus, right before she left for camp she had two big dancing shows in our small town's new theater.  That girl sure loves to dance!  (Side note:  I always wanted to take dance classes.  Two of my cousins did and they were quite good.  I, on the other hand, took piano lessons.  I always wished I could dance like them and they wished they could play the piano like me.  I guess my lessons lasted longer because I am still playing the piano and I don't think my cousins are doing much ballet anymore.  Baby Bee has taken both dance and piano, but I believe dancing is her real passion.)

So. At the same time she was having tons of rehearsals and classes and her room was a jam-packed mess, we ordered her a new full size bed.  Which meant rearranging her room.  Which meant going through some items that have been stashed for awhile.  Which meant getting rid of some furniture.  Which meant…..  You get the picture, right?  And now she's gone to camp. Dare I just get rid of some things?  Get rid of all the things I don't think she needs?  (No, that last one won't happen.  I don't think I would ever be forgiven!)  But I am sorting through and cleaning out drawers and the closet.  I have a couple of projects to get done in her room before she gets back. (fingers crossed that I actually get them done)   We were able to order the same bedding she had in twin size from PB Teen for her new bed with some minor tweaks.  She also needs a new headboard. Ordered one online but it's black.  We don't want black.  We want white.  Luckily (when it comes - it's on back order) the Counting Bee knows of a company that does powder coating and we'll have it painted.  I'll let you now how that goes in a few weeks.

Okay.  More irons in the fire.  On the same day the new mattress was delivered, Worker Bee and I went to go buy a new flatscreen TV.  We've had a 40" (or probably less) for about 5-6 years in our living room, but we wanted bigger.  (Note to self - what looks like a reasonable size for a small cottage living room in Costco is ginormous when put in a small cottage living room.)  So now we have a great BIG TV and furniture needs to be moved around.  However, Worker Bee will have to help me with this and he is not too thrilled about it.  (It involves moving the huge, upright, 2 million pound piano across the living room.  Last time we moved it there might have been a little damage to our poor hardwood floors. Just a little damage.  Oh.  And there might have been a little damage to Worker Bee's back. Just a wee bit. Really.)

Well, the house is a mess with furniture that needs to go to the Fabulous Phyllis, a bazillion (yes, I counted them) little girl toys/accessories/etc. that need to be donated, bags of trash from Baby Bee's room, boxes of supplies I bought for my future third graders (did you know 48 notebooks, pencil boxes and other items can take up quite a bit of space in your living room?), and just we're too lazy ('cause it's summer) to really get everything put away.  

So.  Nothing pretty to show here.  Not one thing.  But at least you know I'm still fighting the good fight.  Today I'm working on straightening up things (although that furniture and donations will still be in the entryway) and just making the house a bit more presentable.

Okay.  I decided to show you some reality…please avert your eyes if you were only expecting some cuteness.  Now there's lots of potential cuteness here, but it ain't finished yet.  

Keep buzzing and I'll be back to show you more!

P.S.  Meeting the More Creative Bee today to plan our strategy for the Big County Fair!

P.P.S.  Now I'm in no way being compensated for this, but Worker Bee and I went to a Mimi's Cafe restaurant last night and we were impressed with their new menu.  They've pared it down quite a bit and the focus seems to be on French style food and American comfort food.  Both of our dinners were really delicious!  I had the bouillabaisse and he had the pot roast.  Yum!  (And don't tell Baby Bee, but the rest of us here plan to go out to dinner a couple more times while she's at camp!)


  1. Getting ready for camp is a mess but getting everything back in a pile of dirty laundry and everything to be put away is worse. Sorry for that horrid news, lol but I think you probably already knew it. You have your work cut out for you, but I always got so much more done when the girls were away. Baby Bee's room looks just like my girls rooms did at that age, so not too much reality for me, it all just looks really familiar! If you feel that getting rid of some of her unused items without consent is too irrevocable, what about just boxing it up and putting it in the basement or garage to see if she misses anything? One of my daughters was, ahem, organizationally challenged as a child and I used to take camp week and give her room a thorough cleaning, I went ahead and tossed anything I knew she didn't use and she only ever asked about one item, a little silk drawstring bag that I KNEW she never used. She wasn't too heartbroken about it and it was easily replaced.

  2. Love keeping it real! We all have times like this. I really don't think it looks bad at all. My bedroom has been full of stuff while I was painting the sewing room. Didn't think to shoot a photo. My youngest daughter said, "Mom, if I didn't know better; looking at this I would think you were a hoarder". lol! I think I'm a collector close to the hoarder line. For now I keep it organized and no pathways that you have to walk through, hee-hee; but who knows when I cross over that line. Hope Baby Bee has fun at camp and you two busy bees enjoy your time alone!

  3. You must have the reality to get to the cuteness! Can't wait to see it. Blessings to you!

  4. I think it's safe to say you are Busy Sweet Bee. My son would absolutely love your new TV. He thinks I need a very, very large flat screen TV but I DON'T THINK SO. LOL! Thanks for buzzing by. I'm going to grab you button and start a button page. Hugs :)

  5. Your summer is buzzing with activity lol sorry could not resist lol.
    I hope it will feel like a breath of fresh air when it is all done :)

  6. I know what it's like to pack for camp - my house is a disaster for weeks! I, too, want to get some projects done in my son's room before he comes back from camp. PS - TV's shrink in no time at all. After a few weeks, you won't think it's that big anymore!


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