Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cherry Fairy Garden

Had to share my latest project with all you sweet Rednesday folks!

I made a Cherry Fairy Garden!  
If you want to read all about it just click here.

Thanks Sue for hosting the reddest party in Blogland at It's a Very Cherry World.
(Doesn't that sound like the best amusement park ever? I can just imagine rides like the Tilt-o-Cherry Danish and the Cherry Swirl.)

Please stop by to see all the other fun Rednesday posts today!


  1. Your fairy gardens are wonderful---I'm inspired!

    I'm sorry the "follower" thing didn't work. Hope you'll visit again.- Tracy

  2. I love your little fairy gardens..
    I have started making an area in my yard for them, and have finished one in a wheelbarrow...
    happy rednesday...

  3. So precious! I love fairy gardens!

    Happy Rednesday,

  4. I love fairy gardens and they are even better in RED!! Happy Rednesday to you.

    Susan and Bentley

  5. Don't forget the Cherry on Top Sundae Roller coaster and the Cherry Icee Log Ride!

    Off to check out your gardens!

  6. Hi-
    I am so glad I found your blog.
    I am now a follower.
    Your reds are wonderful,


    White Spray Paintlharrison136

  7. Janelle, I love both of the gardens! They're simply magical. And the best part is that anyone can give it a try, and everyone's will be different and unique. It's the perfect project for a child or an adult!

  8. I LOVE your fairy gardens! I have some empty pots (where my cabbage and squash used to live), I think I will let my daughters use them for fairy gardens. They will love this! I'm now following.

  9. that's a cute little garden! thanks for the comment as well!

  10. Now when I carved out a little fairy garden corner, I found a rose called...are ya ready..."The Little Fairy!"

  11. Good (late) morning! I am taking a "coffee" break and thought I would just drop in, read a bit and SMILE at you! :) *sip...slurp..I mean sip*

  12. Hi,
    I love the Cherry Fairy, & all your wonderful Fairy Gardens . I am working on a little Fairy Village .

  13. Oh Sweet Bee!! How adorable is that cherry fairy garden! Wish I could see more of it. I would love to see how it all looks in the red and white enamel!! I have a bowl, I just planted seeds in. But maybe I could had some fairy coolness to it!! I so love Mary E and cherries too!! Thanks for sharing!! XO Fran.


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