Monday, July 5, 2010

Quick, CUTE, and EASY Treat

Hope your Fourth of July was fabulous!

We had some of our family over for a barbecue.

Yummmm..... hot dogs, brats (Worker Bee's family is from Wisconsin, 'nuff said), new potato salad with bacon and chives (from our kitchen garden), baked beans (with my secret ingredient - Jalepeno Peach Barbecue Sauce from Williams-Sonoma), corn on the cob (not from our kitchen garden - they're not ready yet), and watermelon.

Can you believe I didn't take any pictures?  Totally got involved in just having fun and relaxing I'm afraid.

We set off fireworks in the street and sat out and enjoyed ice cream cones - which in my rather long winded way - brings us to the Quick, Cute, and EASY treat part of today's post.

Found this on Martha Stewart's website.  Just print them out, cut them, tape them and what a cute way to celebrate the holiday!  The only problem I had with them was that only one printed per page - I'm pretty sure that with a little finagling they could have gotten two on a page and waste less paper.  
Now here is where the inspiration starts.....

You could make your own cardboard template, use any appropriate scrapbook paper (although I suggest a lightweight paper), and you have a cute little decor and treat that hardly takes any effort.  

I piled mine in a milkglass bowl that I bought at a yardsale on Saturday, but can you picture them in one of those glass jars?  Like this one.....
Perfect for any theme!

Thanks for buzzing by today!  Baby Bee and I will be working on our special project today and I expect it to be completely finished today.  

Hope you find a way to cool off today!  


  1. Looks quite festive indeed...glad you had a nice fourth! We laid low, had a BBQ, watched fireworks over our fence and camped in our gypsy tent we put together in our backyard... My body is paying for that one.LOL...Mica/The Child's Paper

  2. Love that ice cream cone idea - that Martha she's so clever. I spent the day yesterday at Watkins Glen watching a car race. Dario Franchitti (married to the lovely Ashley Judd), Danica Patrick, Marco Andretti, etc., etc., they were all there. Great time and a great meal at the Sherwood Inn in Skaneateles,NY to end the evening.

  3. Great idea. That Martha, she never fails.

  4. what a cute idea for the cones! martha is a genius when it comes to crafts, isn't she?

  5. Cute cute idea :) Martha is so crafty :) Glad you had a wonderful 4th. We just stayed around the house and watched the neighbors fireworks :)

  6. What a great idea! How fun to fill up a jar for each season! You and Martha are just so darn crafty!!

  7. Oooh cute idea!! You could do that for other holidays too. :) Thanks for the visit to my blog last week.

  8. Wisconsin folk know how to BBQ! I wish I knew more of them.

  9. Very cute idea on the cones..."It's a Good Thing"

  10. Love ice cream cones! Yum! So festive too! Wanted to stop by, you're one of my eariliest followers and I am having two giveaways! Hope you stop by!
    God Bless,

  11. Great idea for the cones. Guess that's what makes Martha, Martha!
    Love the glass jar idea too....think I need one of those in my kitchen!


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