Monday, August 23, 2010

How Do You Like Your Tuna Salad?

Worker Bee thinks I'm nuts to talk about this, but .....I'm curious.    

What do you put in your tuna salad?  
Are there regional ways of making tuna?  
Have you changed the way your mom made it?
When I was girl (and I grew up here in Central California, as did my mom, and my mother's mom) we always had it with Miracle Whip and chopped up sweet pickles.  Every once in awhile my mom would add a little chopped up hard boiled egg.  That was always a special treat.
When I married Worker Bee, it turned out that we were a mixed marriage - I liked pickles, he loathed them.  To this day I make the tuna without pickles, make his sandwich, and then add pickles for me.  Lucky me - I get all the leftovers.
These days I try to add more veggies to our tuna salad sandwiches.  Have you tried it with chopped up celery?  How about chopped up English cucumber?  I even add a little bit of dried dill for a different flavor.  Yummy!  Oh and we're using mayonnaise now, not Miracle Whip!

So.....what's in your tuna?


  1. Miracle whip and sweet relish!

  2. I like my tuna fish with chopped onions or celery, mayo, salt and pepper. I make chicken salad and add grapes or dried cranberries, walnuts or sliced almonds, mayo, salt and pepper. Your not crazy just curious.

  3. Miracle whip and sweet relish also.....mayo????Never! :)

  4. Light mayo, dill pickles, and ruffle potato chips on the bread before you layer on the tuna! Love the crunchy and salty-ness! Delicious! Guess what? I tried a sardine and avocado sandwich - it was surprisingly tasty! It's the new "tuna" in the house!

  5. Tuna..pickles..boiled eggs...chopped celery amd Miracle whip.....but I haven't been able to eat tuna for 9 years now..everytime I mind says NOOOOO...I had the one and only food poisoning from a church luncheon tuna salad..just the smell can send me into the Now Salmon..any day any time. Aren't our brains unique!!
    I love your new side bar.The little girl and boy I have the orignial book on..they are so cute!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  6. Celery,onions,and a little Best Foods. I too grew up in the Central Valley; but my mom put more mayo in the salad than tuna, and I hated tuna salad sandwiches. Then when I grew up and moved away, I started putting celery and very little mayo...I love it! Thanks for reminding me, I think I'll have a tuna sandwich tomorrow for lunch. Mumzie

  7. I still make my tuna salad sandwiches like my mother did...and exactly like yours did!
    Sweet Husband loves pickles. You didn't mention onions. Lately I have been using my food processor and making up a couple of cans of tuna at a time. I though in a hunk of onion first and pulse it a couple of times....then a couple of sweet pickles and the Mayonaise and the tuna...and pulse it. Quick and easy. I have used pickly relish also. Now I must try it with the extra veggies. The cumcumber sounds wonderful!!
    I love it with an egg too. Celery...yum!

    I laughed at your comment. I never accomplished the lovely decorating of cookes that my daughters have.
    (Now I am hungry and it's too late to eat!)


  8. I make my tuna salad like my Mom does here in the south. Mayo, chopped sweet pickles and a little bit of chopped onions. I do like my bread toasted now as an adult with a little lettuce. Now I'm craving tuna fish sandwiches!

  9. Try it with a little sweet onion, celery, apple and pecans - with half mayo and half miracle whip. You won't even miss the pickles!

  10. I haven't made tuna sandwiches in a long time. Sounds yummy!

  11. Wierd question? Maybe a little. But, it's a good question. I like it best with mayo and chopped green onion. We also do mayo and sweet pickle relish. I like how your mom made it - with a little chopped up boiled egg.
    Now, THIS is wierd: I even like to make an egg salad/tuna salad sandwich!

  12. I'm a weirdo when it comes to my tuna salad. I love mayo and dill pickles or green olives chopped up in it. I love celery also. Onion used to be good, but my tummy does not like it now.

  13. Oh I love celery in mine, but my children don't. They like it plain, but Hellman's mayo is a must. I always buy the reduced fat one...I can't tell the difference from the full fat one. I never tried tuna with chopped English cucumber. Bet that tastes great too.

  14. I'm with Worker Bee...NO PICKLE RELISH in my Tuna! I grew up in the north...Miracle whip, mayo, and chopped onion...that's it!

  15. I love my tuna fish salad. I use Miracle Whip. Chopped celery and hardboiled eggs. Sweet pickle relish. And it must be on toast. Just like mama.

  16. Great post! Yes, tuna is most defiantly both regional & traditional for each family. LOL I grew up in Northern CA. & we were very anti miracle whip. Hellmans all the way baby! With sweet pickle relish & chopped eggs. My own worker bee hates eggs so I try to trick him. He always catches me tho. My kids fave sandwich is tuna, they love it more than grilled cheese or even jelly! Lisa

  17. I love the crunch of onion, celery and, yes, pickles, in my tuna sandwich.Husband can take all but the pickles. Is that a man thing?

  18. Miracle Whip forever! :) (said with quiet humility, or course)

    And only solid white packed in water. A little relish is good but not essential.

    On toast and sliced diagonally.

    Didn't know I was so finicky, did you :)


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