Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Potting Bench

I'm so glad you came by today!  We're sipping iced tea with lots of ice and lemon slices just trying to stay cool.  You're welcome to join us.  

My dear Worker Bee bought this for me soon after we moved into this house in 1997.  I wanted a potting bench so much and he found a nice one for me.  
It first lived right outside the slider we had when we moved in here.  Then we moved it into the playhouse and it became my potting shed.  Then when Baby Bee was born we moved it over to the side of the house on a garage wall.  It gets early morning sun and is really quite pleasant in the afternoon.  It sits right along the walkway from the driveway to the backyard and on the other side of the walk are two Japanese maples that shade it so beautifully.
A few years ago we took out this climbing jasmine that was right along our kitchen door.  It had this broken down trellis supporting it.  We had gone so far as to put it in our alley when inspiration struck and I decided it would be so handy to hang things on.  I painted it black to match some of the trim on our house and just screwed in some cup hooks.  I just love how it looks right next to the potting bench.  

Some of my favorite things on the bench are the glass jars I have filled with fertilizer.  I also love this green enamel box that I store my Sunset Western Gardening book in and other things I need to stay dry.

I also love this galvanized thingie (What would you call it?) that I keep my plant markers in.  Right in front of it is a string holder painted like a bee skep.  
Hanging above the potting bench is a Mary Engelbreit plaque.  It's faded a wee bit over the years, but I still love its cottagey good looks.
I also keep some black stones in a chipped Mary E. little pot.  It was always too small for anything to thrive in, but it's perfect for these.
Here's a couple of my favorite things on my old trellis.

The watering can was given to me by the sweetest family.  I had both their daughter and son when I was still teaching 6th grade.  Now they are both college graduates.  Yikes!  Time flies!

These birdhouses hang out on those Japanese maples.  Sadly, the wasps really like to nest in them so we always have to keep an eye on who's moved in to them.

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I'm so glad you came by today.  Hope you can come back again soon.  


  1. You have the sweetest things inside the house and out!

  2. So great to have all these gardening tools! I love being able to just work and not worry about having the tools! Enjoy your garden!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Dear Sweet Bee Cottage; thank you so much for posting a comment on my blog: All Things Old and New. It totally made my day when I saw I had 10 comments!! I'm lucky if I get naturally I was giddy :)
    I received the Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalog from my mother in law along with a few other "vintage" items in exceptional shape; that once belonged to her parents.

    I am treasuring the book as I pick it up to read almost every evening. Thank you so much for stopping by and please come back and visit anytime! We have something in common: COFFEE! Thanks, Teresa

  4. You could never leave those out here in South Tx. The weather would beat them up. You must have lovely weather year round!!

    I do love the potting bench!! Walker built me have inside to serve desserts off of.The Picket gate on the back of it..was our old goat gate he had built me.

    I will try to post on it next week.

    How are you feeling?When do You start back up with school?

    Southern Hugs my friend..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  5. What a sweet husband to find such a wonderful potting bench for you. You have it decorated so nicely. I would hate to get it dirty by actually potting plants! I like the idea of putting fertilizer in a jar. My containers always get wet and the fertizlier gets ruined. I will have to try that idea.

    I always enjoy reading your posts!

  6. Well, I'm all inspired to go garden:) What a charming area you have for storing your gardening things!

  7. Your potting bench and area are just fabulous! Can you come and put one together for me too? I would go out and look at it everyday! Why would you ever want to leave your great yard!

  8. What a beautiful place you have to inspire you in your garden! So glad you showed it to us today!


  9. Your potting bench is perfect! I so wish I had one but we don't have a garden, just a tiny little deck for now...someday!!!

  10. sweet potting bench with all your special garden helps. ..Love the birdie houses...everything is so fun thanks for sharing.Mica

  11. I just love this post!! Everything is so darn cute! I just adore your site. Hugs!! ~ Laura

  12. Hi, Sweet Bee,
    Thanks for the sweet comment about my tablescape. It made my day.
    I don't know about the cottage cheese in the glasses. I just know they were my grandmother's and are very old.
    I love "potting shed" anything, and hope to get things as cute as yours. Love the idea about the fertilizer. :)

  13. I love your goodies, and particularly the bird houses. You seem to have these wonderful things out there in the US to decorate with.
    Very pretty all!
    Have a happy day!

  14. What a wonderfu spot to plant and pot. I love your birdhouses and your potting table was a great find. ~~Sherry~~

  15. What a wonderful potting bench! It's perfect and perfectly accessorized too. Love it!!

    Susan and Bentley

  16. Well aren't you so cleverly crafty, Sweet Bee! The trellis is perfect and I love that you painted it black. And I think you have the perfect potting bench.:)

  17. I find garden things so cheery! Your potting bench and trellis and cute things you've gathered are charming! Jacqueline

  18. What a beautiful post....oh, how I would to have a potting shed with a bench. I am off Sunday to visit my gets friend of nearly 40 years who has suffered 2 strokes, so I am going to miss you and your posts. Will be back home Wednesday...hope the old back holds up that long. It is a 6 hour drive. Take care and I will be commenting again as soon as I can figure it out.
    buttonsforbaga :-)

  19. What a pretty area to 'buzzzzz' around ;) Love the birdhouse community in the trees too. The book in the last it a cookbook? The contents is intriqueing.

  20. Hi, Your potting bench makes me want to get out in my yard and clean mine up. I think it would inspire me to get some planting done. Very nice:)
    Thank you for your kind words too, I really appreciate it.
    Happy gardening.

  21. Just loved seeing your sweet potting bench and all of your other garden treasures today!! Thanks for sharing!!


  22. What a wonderful place to play! Love it!

    I found you via my hysterical friend, Miss Laura!


  23. I always love to see where people pot up their plants, and how they decorate their gardens! Those birdhouses are super cute!
    Happy Weekend!

  24. Hi. I'm stopping by from Romantic Home. I just love all your stuff!

  25. I want your potting bench! I have the perfect place for it and it looks like it would be easy to build. I think that will be my bday request next spring!

  26. Love it SweetBee!! love your bloggie bling too.

  27. I really like your potting bench. I am actually looking for a design so my husband can build me one.


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