Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting Ready for Reader Bee's Birthday

Reader Bee, my niece, is turning 11 in about 10 days.  She is a very creative girl and she typically decides on the theme of all her parties.  
This year she is having a carnival theme.  She is borrowing some of our lawn games and has a cupcake walk planned.  She has other activities in mind too.  (I might be drafted for face painting.)
Reader Bee and I enjoy crafting together - a lot!  So she came over today and we made ice cream cone wraps for her kid party and her adult/family party.  
You might remember I made these for the Fourth of July.  Reader Bee really liked this idea so we just printed the pattern from Martha and used our own scrapbook paper to make the wraps.
(Be careful you don't get lost in the ice cream cone wrapper forest.  Just follow the scent of chocolate and you'll be safe.)

She is a girl after my own crafty heart!
In the meantime, another creative girl devised a way to carry both her babies at once and keep her hands free.....
I knew all those trendy scarves would prove to be practical.

I'll be joining the party over at 
Anything Related Tuesdays.

Hope you can join the party and see all the great projects.  Rebekah and Bridgette always put together a great event!

Thanks for buzzing by today!  


  1. Ahhh...very clever Bees you two are over there. I loved your cones on the 4th and the birthday cones are equally as cute. I look forward to seeing those BD pics after the party.

  2. sounds like you have some fun planning ahead...cute!!! Mica

  3. adorable cones! The scarf thing cracked me up because my daughter did the same creation the other day (only w/ 1 baby though)! Kids make me laugh!

  4. The young Bees are delightful! I love a glimpse into the way children's minds think. What fun!

  5. It's nice to have creative cousins!

  6. Wow, love those ice cream cone wrappers. So colorful. Bet she will have a super fine party.

  7. Love the cone wraps, and Baby Bee's baby sling! And I was just reading your previous post. BB is a miracle baby for sure!

  8. Oh I just love party planning! What a cute idea. Hope she has a wonderful birthday!

  9. Wow i love your blog!

    Daniela DREAM SHABBY CHIC Milano

  10. Adorable!!

    yes, those beee-ads are on the other side of the baseballs and tractor page I pulled out. lol


  11. Wow your niece sound like a very smart and very creative girl! I would love to attend one of her parties, ha!


  12. What a great idea!! Talk about being creative girl :) Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Have a great Tuesday!

  13. Oh I love those cones wraps, what a cute idea!! The best part is those can be made to suit any party theme!! Thanks for the idea :)

  14. What a bunch of smart bees you are! Those cone wrappers are scrupmtious!

    We did a carnival theme for my daughter one year and it was the most fun party we've had. We had one of those big plastic alligator teeter totters then and I put it behind a bedspread hanging on the clothes line. We put up signs that said things like "World's largest gator!" The little kids were so timid peeking around the curtain but thrilled to see it was a "ride"!

    I also bought a roll of real tickets and they had more fun with those than anything. They traded them, charged each other tickets to play etc. I was picking up tickets in my yard for weeks!

    You're all going to have so much fun!

  15. What a great idea!! I have a niece that would so enjoy a project like that, my boys not so much!
    You had asked for I lived while in Germany, Mannheim for 6 years and Frankfurt for 3 years. I found the red chair at a floh markt in Worms back in 1999.
    The Tattered Tassel

  16. Those cone wraps are just adorable. What a wonderful Aunt you are!!

  17. The party sounds like it will be first rate! Love the cone wrappers, so whimsical. Thanks for visiting Buttermilk Cottage. Hope you'll come by often.

  18. Great Blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like I'll get to meet you at the blog festival. Yay! Can't wait!

    Blessings to you!


  19. What a fun time - love the look! And the baby sling is great!!!


  20. love the cone wrappers -- they are too cute! I have grandtwins I need this idea for!


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