Friday, August 6, 2010

Time for a Little Blog Redecorating

Had to make some changes to the decor around here.  I must confess I have not put away the 4th of July decorations, but it just felt like time to change the blog look.

Do you love to redecorate your blog?  I love to change things up every few months. 

Have you tried to make your own header?  
I use Piknic to resize an image and add text over the top.  
It's such an easy site to go play on.
I also just love Shabby Blogs backgrounds.  There's always something I find that I love.  
I love The Background Fairy too.  
Do you have a favorite free background site?  I know there are a lot of them out there.
Someday I would like to have a blog designer create a look for me, but I'm afraid that is just not in the budget right now.  

What are some of your favorite things you've added to your blog?

Have you tried the new blogger design template?  
I haven't yet, but I will.  I like some of the changes I've been seeing on a lot of blogs.  

Thanks for buzzin' in!  
I can't wait to see what some of you have done to freshen up your blogs or hear your suggestions!  


  1. Hi Sweet Bee,
    As you are 6-9 hrs behind in time I seem to be the first one up and about to answer your questions.
    It is fun to change one's blog everynow and then. I notice all around me people are itchy: they are painting, they are moving stuff out, they are rearranging their wardrobes, maybe it is the time of the year. I have the itch to redecorate my husband's study (but he does not).
    I loved your red/blue/white, but this looks also crips and bright.
    Now, if you started the new blogger features be prepared. I have been on the help forum a couple of times, but maybe that is because I am a dumb blonde after all? My favorite background from thecutestblogontheblog disappeared for no reason whatsoever and in despair I have now chosen a picture from the new gallery. It forces you to rearrange and remodel your blog. After my first agony I now see it as a temptation: in autumn I shall change to that mood, but for the moment will stick to my Delft blue mood.
    Have fun in your 'renovation'!
    Thanks for the tip about the header.
    (My, what a long answer - sorry!).
    Happy weekend,

  2. It looks great! I don't think you need anyone to design dida nice job. I love coming to visit. Hope youhave a great weekend. Thanks for popping over...My girl is celebrating her birthday.... it will be a fun weekend over here, especially kickingoff the weekend with theAmerican Girl Store. Hope you get to go with baby Bee!Hugs,Mica

  3. don't need anyone to work your blog.I have always been drawn to it!!

    The plaid does remind me of school accesories when I was growing up.There is something about buying new school stuff!

    Have a great week decorating that room of yours. Be careful don't do to much!!

    Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  4. Oh yes, I do need to redecorate the blog once in a while too! I loved your red and blue...I may go find it now that you're done with it!

    Ok, the Top Chef guy that stole the pea puree (you know he did it!) has to go home. Also, the young girl (I never remember the names...) should go soon. I just love the woman from Dallas (is it Tiffany?) I don't like it when a mean, annoying person wins, but they often do. You would think that the food would taste funny with all that mean in it!

  5. i LOVE to redo my blog too!!

    yours is super cute!

    i STILL have my 4th of July decor up too!!

  6. I LOVE all the sites you've mentioned, too! Your blog looks great! It seems you've done a great job of designing your own blog... why pay to have someone else do it? ;o)
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs ~ Jo

    P.S. Thanks for your birthday wishes! I sure do appreciate it!!:)

  7. Hi Sweet Bee, I luv the photos of your potting bench it looks great. Have a great Saturday....Julian

  8. Your header looks great. It is definitely time to update my place, but I just keep putting it off!

    Maybe your makeover will inspire me to do it!

  9. I like it - I like it. You did a nice job. I, also, like to change things around but have learned that I must be prepared to spend some time, just in case, I tweak when I should not tweak, especially if I venture into the HTML. Thanks for all the suggestions.

  10. I like it - I like it. You did a nice job. I, also, like to change things around but have learned that I must be prepared to spend some time, just in case, I tweak when I should not tweak, especially if I venture into the HTML. Thanks for all the suggestions.

  11. That blog design thing beckons to me, but I have yet to try it. I don't think men bloggers are much into decorating.

  12. I like your new blog look. I'm afraid I'll lose everything so I'm a chicken about changing mine.

  13. Your blog looks great! I really need to spend some time and "spiffy" up my blog a little. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  14. very cute!

    i love the plaid and the scalloped edge!

    you are just adorable!


  15. I love your plaid--it is so California sunshine! Thanks for visiting my blog too:) I dont think you need a blog makeover--those are for someone who has trouble with gadgets, resizing and blending colors. Also has a section of free blog backgrounds too!

  16. I like the change! And, I'm very impressed that you can do your own header! I may just give that a try. I love Piknic - thanks for introducing me to it!

  17. Hi there!

    Love the new look. Thanks for the tip about Picinic - never heard of it. I'll have to give it a try!


  18. don't know what it looked like before, but it looks GREAT! it's not overdone; easy to read and navigate.... thumbs up.

  19. You know I love to change things up. I use Picnik to make my banners, and I am using the new blogger design templates. Personally I love them.


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