Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving for Rednesday!

Happy Rednesday!

Don't you just love the red of autumn?
Just a little basket o'plenty (of red) welcoming you to Sweet Bee Cottage!

Mr. Tom Turkey is sitting over on the other side of the stoop.  See his red feather and waddle?
(Isn't stoop a delightfully old-fashioned word?  But it works here because I don't really have a porch - it's more of a landing.)

And here's something I've been saving for a special Rednesday!
My heart-shaped table!

I found this table painted red in a little shop in Old Town Clovis many years ago.  I painted it white and it lived in my room and then Baby Bee's room.  When it wouldn't fit in Baby Bee's room anymore, I painted it red and it earned a promotion to the living room!

Don't you just love the legs?
Sorry about the color in this picture - couldn't get it bright enough! 
Played with a it in iPhoto to get it to this point.  
Oh well!  I'll just have to share it again some time when I can get a better photo! LOL

I'm sharing this tonight over at the lovely Sue's.  I'm so glad I finally have a red post to share.  I've missed participating in this delightful celebration of all things red!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh! What a darling red heart table. I just love the spindley legs on it.
    Your stoop is wonderful, too. I'm so happy you have joined in with us on Rednesday. Great Reds!

  2. That heart table is so cute! And your gourds on the porch look perfect!

  3. Looks like everyone's gonna be in agreement about this!.. Count me in among the rest! I LOVE your little red heart table!! Very sweet!.. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! ~tina

  4. Stoop is a wonderful old fashioned word that, for me, conjures up mental pictures of movies filmed in the Bronx! Darling table.

    But, what's really cool is the new iPad. I have one, too, and absolutely LOVE it. We use it like a lap top, that is smaller and moves faster! The larger size makes it much easier to read and use than a phone.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. I love your little red table. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  6. Your porch decorations are great but my heart belongs to your heart table!!

  7. That is the neatest little table. Some of you are so lucky finding all these great goodies.

  8. I do love that little heart table. I think red is the perfect color for it.

  9. really cute table! love it in red.


    barbara jean

  10. Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful Rednesday. Loving that table.

  11. Love the red table/ Hearts are one of my faves. In Cambria, the cemetery is about a mile behind town if you follow bridge street all the way back through the woods.

  12. I love seeing your autumn decor Janelle, because some people (me) have rushed right past it and moved on to Christmas! That stand outside your door is beautiful, and the little table is beyond cute. Feel free to share it again and again!
    Happy Thanksgiving to The Bee Family!

  13. Yes I do love that little heart table. Lovely.

  14. Your topiary with the gourds is great, very creative! I have a turkey just like that, my daddy made it for my girls. I haven't put it out lately. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Nan

  15. Happy Rednesday and have a blessed Thanksgiving~~

    Thank you for stopping by to see my edible turkeys and mantel :))


  16. That is a cute table. I love the spindle legs too.
    Have a Happy Thanks!

  17. Oh WOW, I love that planter on your porch!! I have been looking for something like that this past year... where did you find it?

    LOOOOVE your Turkey pumpkin too!

  18. I do love the legs! That's always what I look for in furniture... the shape of the legs. Love the heart top too. Sounds like something you'll have forever! Thanks for stopping by my blog and Happy Thanksgiving--

  19. I just love your little red table! Such a great piece. Kit

  20. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that basket of yours!



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