Wednesday, November 3, 2010


No, I'm most definitely NOT pregnant, 
but I wanted to share with a pair of twins separated by about 25 years.
This pair of suitcases belong to me and my mom.  I have the pink one and my mom has the blue one.
The one on the right is mine from about 1970 and the one on the left is mom's from 1945.

Now these are not quite identical twins but you might call them fraternal twins.
1970s version....

Not quite disco stars but still 70s.....

1940s version....

Pink and sweet on the inside (just like my mom)!

I always thought my handle was cooler than hers when I was a kid.  Now I prefer mom's leather one.

Hinges are identical - just different patina.

Mom's is slightly larger than mine.

I can remember mom's being up on a tall shelf in a hall closet in our house when I was growing up.  She kept her embroidery in it.

I remember using mine for sleepovers at my cousins' house and stuffing it to bursting.  I remember feeling so sad when my clothes would no longer fit in my suitcase.

I also used it for storing my doll, Kitty's clothes.  My parents watched Gunsmoke and I think that's where my doll's name came from.  

I asked Mom what she remembered about her suitcase and she remembers getting it when she was maybe 8 (1948) and it had a little hand tied quilt and matching pajamas.  I have that little quilt somewhere......I'll have to find it now.  I just called Mom to ask her the name of her doll and she couldn't remember.  (Thank goodness I wrote my doll's name in this blog so when I'm 70 and Baby Bee asks me my doll's name I'll be able to tell her!)  

So you are lucky - two vintage thingies for the price of one (and I'm NOT referring to my mom and me as the vintage thingies)!

What are you treasuring these days?

Thanks for buzzing in!  

How's your weather?  We have gotten HOT!  85 degrees tomorrow!  I'm losing my autumnal feeling and that is NOT a good thing.

I enjoyed seeing you today.  I'll be making a nice breve latte tonight.  Would you care for one? 
You can drink it while you go visit all the delightful vintage thingies at Suzanne's at Colorado Lady.

And if you're coming by for

I'll be happy to make you some yummy pumpkin waffles and a cinnamon dolce latte!
Doesn't that sound like a yummy breakfast?


  1. Janelle the suitcases..mine was red with the stars inside. Yours is so much cuter tho!!
    What a treasure!

    Hugs ..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. How amazing to have two suitcases so alike for your Mom and you! Awesome! I love the stars inside yours. Good thing to write down your doll's name...I don't remember mine either.

  3. Oh how fun! I love that they are soo much alike. And how sweet that you still have them both.

    Enjoy the memories!

  4. Oh you're such a hoot! Twins, but not identical. Very charming.
    It's HOT here, too. I could sure use a little Autumn so I can turn of the A/C.

  5. what a delightful post..i LOVE both cases :) x

  6. Very sweet that you both kept them. the cases are darling!

  7. I never saw any suitcases like those, let alone too of different ages!

  8. Oh, I LOVE those sweet suitcases!!! Lucky you to have them both! What is it about little vintage lambies that just tugs at your heart?!

    Hope it gets a little chillier & more fallish--same thing is happening here!


  9. Very sweet post they're adorable. Thank you for your nice comment on my post, hugs tami

  10. These are so sweet!!! The lambs are so adorable. Happy VTT!

  11. So sweet!

    I think it's just incredible that you both still have them. Imagine your mother's joy when she found that on for you and it almost exactly matched hers!

    I loved my mom,but she was such a "no clutter" gal that if it wasn't nailed down, it went bye-bye! I think that's why I'm a bit of a packrat! lol


  12. Janelle, How sweet is that?! You and your mom have the (almost) same thing from your childhoods, that is amazing, I don't think I've ever seen that happening before. Enjoy!

  13. These little cases are bringing back memories! Wow, they are in great condition. Love the little lambs. Mumzie

  14. Love that you two had the same suitcase! And it is adorable.

  15. Such a very sweet story..thanks so much for sharing..I have always loved those dear little suitcases but,never had one...guess,its not to late...:)

  16. Those are amazing. I've never seen one of those before.

  17. What a fun post, those little suitcases are so precious but to have TWO from the same family, now that's just down right amazing! Thanks for sharing, Nan

  18. How AMAZING is that!! Sweet lambies :)


  19. Those are both so cute. What sweet memories they hold.

  20. I missed you Sweet Bee. I needed a few months to take care of my family but I am back. I love the new look of your blog. The suit cases are so cute. It is so great that both your Mom and you had the same thing and can share your own memories about how you used them. I am going to visit the rest of your blog and see what I missed. Come on over and visit when you have a few moments.

  21. What a great pair of twins! Delightful! I love the comparison of the two.
    Yes to the breve latte!
    And yes, my daughter's name is Bronwyn, and no, you didn't miss it. I just usually call her Chickie on the blog, but if you remember, she does have BEE as her initials!

  22. How cool that you and your mom had similar suitcases and they are precious!

  23. oh my god! I got that same suit case for christmas I think when I was 5 or 6 from my grandmother. She had made clothes for my doll. and it was stuffed full of the most amazing doll clothes you ever saw. Oh how I wish I had them now.
    It is raining and cold here 30's. The wood stove is going and I am going to tuck in for the night

  24. What a neat story behind those two sweet cases... Remarkable they kept the design so similar!

  25. Janelle, It is so cool that you and your mom both had the same suitcase and that they are both still around. Thank you for stopping by and saying Hello on my blog.

  26. What a delightful post. I can't believe how similar your little suitcases are. Fabulous. I love to hear stories of when we were younger. Your writing today touched me...and your so funny too! My daughter always asks me to recall certain things from my childhood, and I love talking about them...except when I can't remember! ;(
    Have a great weekend!

  27. This is so sweet What a wonderful story - how fascinating that you two have very similar cases and now you have them together to tell wonderful stories!
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  28. Dear Sweet Bee/mommy,
    I didn't know that you and Grammy had the same cases until now,and that's cool.


    P.S. You shouldn't call them twins because they don't look totally the same.
    P.P.S. I know your doll's name now.

  29. HOw cool-never seen one like this! For both your mom and you to have identical ones-how neat!

  30. How special that you and your Mom had matching suitcases. I loved your story. Happy Pink Saturday.

  31. that is so neat that years apart you would have the same sort of case as your mama's. Did she get it for you because she had one? Thank you also for stopping in and commenting on my scrappy Christmas tree mug rug...It was fun to make and hope to make some as gifts for Christmas. Have a great weekend..Blessings,Mica

  32. They are so cute and so fun that you both have one!!! Love it!! xo Heather


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