Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

But Worker Bee!  You promised me an herb garden and a veggie garden!  Why not a few roses too?

Ahhhh........thank you Worker Bee!  I love our gardens!

We have a couple of gardens we've (okay - I'VE named them and everyone else just humors me) named at Sweet Bee Cottage.
(Oh you must know by know that I name many things in my life - my car, my house, my daughter.....)

In front of our picket fence is Our Cottage Garden.  It's filled with roses, perennials, a few herbs, and a very few annuals.

Smells heavenly out there!

Don't you just love Pincushion Flower?  It's one of my favorites!

We also have on the east side of our front yard, Our Kitchen Garden. 

Yes, you read that right - Our Kitchen Garden is in the front yard.  It's the only spot on our property that gets enough hours of sunshine.  We have a very shaded little cottage.  

We grow veggies, herbs, and a few cutting flowers in those beds.
We have three raised beds.  Ignore the spilled compost.  We'll get that cleaned up!
 Our raised beds are made out of those Lincoln Log looking posts that you can get at Home Depot for about $2 each.  Since Our Kitchen Garden is in the front yard, I wanted it to look a little bit classy so we painted the "logs" with black paint.  (Our side doors and window frames are all black.)  I love how they have turned out and held up.  This is the second year we've had them.  
Snapdragons that survived over the winter.
My sage bloomed!  I've never had sage bloom before!  It's it the most gorgeous flower?

Spanish lavender!  Always makes me think of little purple butterflies  floating above this herb.

Look!  Tomato blossoms!
 And my pansies are still doing well!  I do have a horrible tendency of killing off my potted plants, so I'm glad to see these still around.  
(A good deal of that thanks should go out to Worker Bee - he takes good care of all of us.)

 Thanks for buzzin' around here at Sweet Bee Cottage!
It's always a pleasure to see you stopped by for a visit.  


  1. Great garden! I'm so envious of tomatoes with blooms, I'm trying to keep mine from swimming away....will the rain never end!

  2. I'm so jelouse of your picket fence cottage garden. What perfection!

  3. It is all so lovely. Your roses are beautiful.

  4. Your cottage garden is just beautiful! I've never had luck with roses, so I can appreciate the work that goes into those that do:@)

  5. oh ms bee I want warm weather we have only little leaves peeking above the ground. Just wonderful gardens and love the herb garden

  6. What a beautiful yard and all the hard work really shows. I have poison ivy right now so no digging for me.

  7. Beautiful flowers! That top photo is a David Austin *Evelyn* rose, right? I bought one of those bushes for my mom~whose name is Evelyn~a few years ago and it is just gorgeous!

  8. Beautiful!! We tend to kill around here (unintentionally, of course). I'd like to rent Worker Bee :)

  9. Hi Sweetie! What great gardens! You've never had sage bloom...maybe
    it's old enough now or the sun just hits it right. If you pick the flowers they do dry nicely.

  10. Oh so pretty!! I'll bet your house is the cutest on the blog right now!

  11. Here we go again. You and that miserable climate of yours.

  12. Hi Becky, I name everything too! LOVE all your pretty flowers throughout your yards/gardens! It would just make me sing walking out to all that each day!

    Love ya,

  13. so beautiful! Your roses and beds are delightful to the eye. Thank you for sharing...Our roses are all blooming too...I love this time of year!Hugs,Mica

  14. Sweet Bee,
    LOVE the cottage garden. I am envious. Can you come to Pittsburgh and plant one for me? It looks beautiful. Love the picket fence with the flowers along side. Everything just looks beautiful!

  15. Stunning! Absoulutely stunning...Your gardens might smell heavenly but they looked heavenly! ;) A beautiful cottage full of enchantment only makes await Spring! That's right it hasn't arrived here yet! :) I just love this post.
    Have a great weekend,

  16. your garden(s) are absolutely beautiful, miss sweet bee. love the raised bed 'kitchen' garden, especially.

    have a lovely weekend.


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