Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vintage and Vogue!

Get ready for the eye candy!  There will a toothpaste coupon at the end of this post. (okay, not really, but there is so much sweetness here that your dentist might have some concerns)

As I mentioned yesterday, we went on a little road trip.  Just a day trip, but it was still so nice to get away for awhile.  We went to the shop that Cindy from My Romantic Home frequently shares with us in her hometown of Campbell, California.  Yes, we went to the famous Vintage and Vogue!

Sewing Bee, the Fabulous Phyllis and I all hopped in carbucks (that's my car's name - get it?  Carbucks stops at Starbucks!  One of my third graders named my car a few years ago - we were just walking in to class after morning recess and he just turned around with the biggest grin and said Mrs. Sweet Bee?  You have to name your car Carbucks! That kid was definitely genius material.  Okay, I've gone on about that a bit too much now.  I know, you just want to get to the eye candy.)

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!  Lots of eye candy!

The shop is not very big, but it packs quite a wallop of pretties. (do you think that might be a mixed metaphor?)

I just couldn't do it justice with my camera, but I'll show you some of the things that popped out at me.
 Don't you just love the letters on this B-A-B-Y sign?
These would be from the Pretty in Pink section.

And, yes, they even had bees!
See? On the glasses?
Wouldn't those mugs be just perfect for soup?  Love it!
Ooooo la la!  More bees!

 I would call this the Country French section.  Or maybe the poulet section?  There was an abundance of chicken and rooster items.

 And then the glass......I personally adore the colors of depression glass.
I had to take about 25 pictures of this cloche to get a good one.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Wish this little pretty had come home with me.
And aprons!  They had gorgeous aprons.  Don't you love the little red flower on this pretty?  I definitely wanted to take her home, but alas, it was not meant to be.
 Beautiful things made out of paper.....
 everlasting flowers......
I saw this huge and gorgeous wreath and said, "Look at the coffee filter wreath!"  The ladies in the store and Sewing Bee were amazed that it was made out of coffee filters.  (I knew thanks to all you fabulous bloggers out there.  What inspiration you all are.)  It was so beautiful.  It was hanging on this gorgeous blue cabinet that had silver paint highlighting the details.  Gorgeous!
I LURVED this lamp!  

It was calling to my heart, but I stayed strong and resisted the siren call of this Italian.  (the bottle looks Italian, doesn't it?  well, in my imagination, he's a gorgeous Italian)  I love the sign too.  Variations of this sign were on many of the walls.  
 There were so many Easter pretties. 

I know I cut off this bunny's head, but it was his little pedestal that  seduced my little eye.

So, what did I come home with?

Well that sweet Sewing Bee bought me an early birthday present.  Waaaaaay early since my birthday isn't until September.  Oh yeah, I'm kind of hoping she forgets.  But then again, she does read my blog, so I'm probably caught.  Oh buzz!  All my devious plans are ruined!
 Can you guess why I got this teapot?
Look closer.......

I already had these sugar bees.  Bought these from the Fabulous Phyllis! Ummmm....I probably wouldn't actually eat them.  Just for pretty!
Well, after visiting Vintage and Vogue, I can't help but link up to
hosted by the wonderful Cindy over at 

I failed to mention earlier what an absolute delight the ladies were that worked at Vintage and Vogue!  They recommended a restaurant for lunch and let me take all kinds of pictures!  
What an absolute delight!

I've got so many projects going on right now.    Can't wait to show you some of them.
Reader Bee, Cutter Bee and Baby Bee are all over making Easter treats today.  I always enjoy having them visit.  


  1. Wow! I love that teapot too! Do you know why? What a great day you must have had at that shop! Drool, drool!! ;)Alyssa

  2. So many pretties but it looks like you got the prettiest of them all with that teapot. Lovely post and I'm so glad you all had fun.

  3. That teapot is the sweetest ~ and the eye candy ~ well, time to brush my teeth ;-)

  4. getting my toothbrush out right now! Love the teapot - it was made for you - umm do you like tea? I know you love coffee.

  5. Oh sweetie what a delightful store! Happy Easter.

  6. My credit card would not have made it out alive. Those things are too sweet :)

  7. Adorable teapot, and I looove your sugar cubes, how sweet:)! The paper flowers really caught my eye! Thanks for sharing such a sweet place for Easter! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  8. Okay I'll take the cherry apron and the rooster bowls please.

  9. I really enjoyed this shoppping trip with you. The demijohn lamp would've gone home with me for sure *winks* And your "birthday" teapot is wonderful! That little bunny boy is precious too!....And the paper flowers....Probably a good thing I don't live anywhere near that store! LOL! *winks* Vanna

  10. I am calling my dentist right away. It is all too sweet ! The bee sugar cubes are AdORabLe!! I received the package today.. I will serve my fruit salad in it on EAster Sunday. Thanks again!

  11. Oh, I need to know where that shop is!

  12. What a wonderful road trip. so many pretties to bee seen.
    Love the teapot.
    happy easter

  13. What a fun shop! Glad you were able to go home with a treasure! those honeycomb dishes were my favorites! ♥

  14. My teeth definitely hurt after seeing all of that sweet stuff! I would have had such a hard time picking something to bring home, but it looks like Sewing Bee picked the perfect thing for you. That teapot is bee-autiful!
    Happy Easter!

  15. This is so lovely. Have a lovely weekend! I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas

  16. It looks like a wonderful trip. I love your sweet teapot What a treasure. I'm enjoying catching up on all that I've been missing. Happy Easter!

  17. What fun you must have in Carbucks - love it! The day looks like such a blast - the best kind!

    Have a wonderful Easter!

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  19. Oh my goodness, what a great shop that is!! I looove the teapot AND the beautiful cloche. Oooh I wish I lived nearby. That store looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing!! Your pictures are great!! ~Stephanie from

  20. It looks like the shop was created just for you! How great to take a road trip. Glad you got a beautiful early b-day present - I won't say a word in September!

  21. What a fabulous shop! Thanks for sharing your great pics with us. Happy Easter to you and your family.

    Susan and Bentley

  22. Happy Easter Sweet Bee, Worker Bee, Baby Bee!

  23. How fun! Looks like a great little store :) Thanks for visiting my blog...hope you have a lovely Easter!


  24. Oh!! I could kick myself for not going with you!! It looks like a fabulous place but I would have probably would have been broke when I go home!! So, how long did it take to get there. Was it worth the trip. Do dish the dirt....LOL
    Have a wonderful Easter Janelle and all of the other bees!!

  25. What a fabulous day you must of had and how wonderful of the ladies to let you take photographs to share with all of us.
    You must have been blinded by the "bees" because those "red flowers" on that apron look like cherries to me. Maybe I'm just cherry
    I'm so happy that you found your early, early birthday present. It is so shouting your name!
    LuRvEd you post today!;-)

  26. oh my, that shop is heaven!
    i want those rooster bowls!!
    you scored some great finds. thank you for stopping by my blog and following, i am happily following you back!

  27. Such a great shop! You brought home some sweet things, thanks for sharing!


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