Thursday, March 1, 2012

And the Random Kick Continues....

Okay.....only two random things for you tonight......

Random Thing #1

I love etsy!  Do you love etsy?  I love selling my vintage finds on it and I love the treasures I can find on it.  Have to share with you something I couldn't resist.

Aren't these the cutest napkins?

So summery and bright!

And I love how they go with this tablecloth I have!

And look at this!  She included a vintage hankie!  Imagine that!  A vintage hankie!  Did she read my mind?  I love vintage hankies!
 (could this be considered a bonus random thing?)
Isn't it sweet?

Wanna' know who she is?  Hmmmm.....maybe I should keep her all to myself.....but I'm not really like that......I just like to tease.......

Her shop is Vintage Fines & Linen and her name is Nancy!  Tell her I sent you.

Now just don't go and buy what I want!  LOL

Random Thing #2

Baby Bee and I had to stop at Costco the other day and I found the most fabulous cookbook.  
(Have I mentioned before that I am a HUGE fan of Williams-Sonoma cookbooks?  Well, I am.  I consider them my go to cookbooks when I want a really good quality meal to serve to my family.)

Well I found
 a new slow cooker cookbook.  
 (Have I also mentioned that I'm a cookbook addict?  Oh yes.....sad but true.  Worker Bee has had to set forth a mandate that I may not get a new cookbook until I've made at least 3 items from my latest acquisition.)
 But don't these look fabulous?
It's full of good tips for making delicious slow cooker meals. 

I can't wait to make some of them (so I can buy a new cookbook??? maybe.....) and hopefully blog about them.  

Thanks for buzzing by!
You know we're all into Mexican Mochas at the cottage these days?
Can I make one for you?
Maybe on your next visit?
Let me know!  The espresso maker's always on for you.


  1. Oh lucky you to have an espresso maker! and yes, I love etsy and those napkins are too cute! ♥

  2. Those are so sweet. I love the crocheted edges on the napkins! Honestly I would add a little crochet to anything that sits still long enough for me to do it!

  3. Did I miss those glasses? How's that for random.

  4. A cookbook addiction, I suffer from that also,the only cure I'm told is to cook things. The napkins are soooo sweet. Enjoy your weekend. blessings to you.

  5. Love your pretty new napkins! They are perfect with your tablecloth! That was so sweet of the vendor to send you a little goodie. I know that made your day.:)

  6. absolutely love those napkins!!

  7. Love Etsy too, I was JUST there looking at children's clothing patterns! I will have to look for that cookbook, I'm for anything I can put on the crock-pot. Thank you so much for your encouraging note for my photography and writing, it meant so much to me.
    Gayle from Behind the Gate

  8. Love your new napkins! I have to admit that I have a cookbook addiction, too. I cooked corned beef, potatoes, and cabbage in the crockpot today. I couldn't wait until St. Patrick's Day!

  9. Those napkins are sweet! Etsy is such a wonderful community.

    My name is Tammy and I am a cookbook addict. (Whew, first step down.) Let us know how you like the recipes from your new cookbook.


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