Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Bake Sort Of

Baby Bee's dance group recently had a fundraising dinner and silent auction.  One thing that seems to always sell well are homemade baked goods.  So Saturday afternoon (before the auction) the Baking Stadium at Sweet Bee Cottage got busy!

Within three hours my baking assistants (Worker Bee & Baby Bee) and I whipped up three yumptious baked treats for bidding.

We made Peanut Butter Brownies (a family favorite),
Orange-Pistachio Biscotti (my mom bid on these because she says I never give her any - I'll have to remedy that - or maybe I should keep her wanting more so she'll bid them up again next year),
and Buttermilk Devil's Food Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Buttercream Frosting!
I always try to make the package attractive too for these events.

I started off with some pretty plastic trays from Dollar Tree (the ones that look like old-fashioned pressed glass, but they're really plastic)and a paper doily (also from Dollar Tree).

Then I googled images of the items I baked (mine were still baking during this time so I couldn't photograph my own), added the item name with a cute font, and printed them out.  I cut a little slit on either side of the label, slid a ribbon through, and tied it off.  They sold for over $50, so I must have done pretty well!

And....speaking of bake sales -
are you aware of the Great American Bake Sale?
Sewing Bee, Baby Bee, and I have formed a team for this event.  I hope to add some more team members too!  I'll keep you posted on how it comes along.
You can join too by going here!
All proceeds from this event will go to help end childhood hunger.  
Do you have any tips or recipes to share?

Thanks for buzzing by!


  1. Oh they look so pretty and yummy! Glad they sold well.And yes you should make your momma some biscotti..Hmmm maybe send me some to then I can think of you when I have some hot Blessings!~Amy

  2. You are so clever...I like what you've done. Very creative and yummy I'm sure.

  3. Love the packaging! Everything you baked looks so YUMMY!! Thanks for the sweet comments! Can't wait to spend more time at your cottage :) xoxo Debbie

  4. Sounds like you had fun making these too. I love your packaging ideas. Gotta love the dollar tree They have so many things. The great American bake sale sounds neat. I have heard about it but never looked into it. I will now.

  5. Yummy, yummy!! Sweet packaging!!:) xo Heather

  6. sure got to work fast! I adore your packaging...I wish I could have bought some of them. I am aware of the Great American Bake Sale...I am going to figure out a way to join in!

  7. I would have had to buy the entire tray of chocolate cupcakes and would have probably eaten them in the car on the way home,,,, just sayin'. Sounds like you raised a lot of money.
    Blessings to you.

  8. Dear Sweet Bee,
    I am so honored by the wonderful comment you left on my blog I just had to write and say thank you! It means so much when someone like you thinks what I did is wonderful!


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