Sunday, April 1, 2012

Picnik and Google+

Today I joined Google+.


Just for Picnik.  I'm going to miss you Picnik.

While I was there, I played around and made this image.

(Remember, I'm just playing....although I am having a current love affair with aqua and red.)

So, for those of who are going to miss (sob) Picnik, I've got good news.
The Google+ photo editing works JUST like Picnik.  
Same fonts, 
same effects, 
same easy to use format.

on the down side,
you have to join Google+
even worse
it's just not as cute and fun as Picnik.

::::::::EDITED ALERT:::::::

I just got a comment from Jenn over at PicMonkey and I think I'm in love.
(Shhh....don't tell Worker Bee....I'm not sure he'd understand.)

PicMonkey is from some of the same team that brought us that marvelous Picnik!
 Check it out!
What are you still doing here?
Okay, you can stick around long enough to leave me a comment, but then go straight to



  1. Hi Sweet Bee!

    Loving the red & aqua -- a combo I may never have thought to pair, but lovely outcome!

    Not sure if you've heard yet, but a couple of the ex-Picnik engineers created a new photo editor (because they knew folks would soon be left wanting). It's called PicMonkey and it's fabulous -- I am part of the team so I am clearly biased, but give it a try when you have a sec to see for yourself!

    Keep in mind that we're brand spankin' new so if you don't see that one feature you love, let us know what you need, we love feedback!

    PicMonkey team

  2. I've been hearing about PicMonkey, so I will go check it out! Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Love the red and aqua!! Thanks for sharing about PicMonkey! Have a wonderful evening! xo Heather

  4. Well I am glad to hear this. I have not for the life of me been able to figure out photo-shop and so I just use picnic. It works for me and I say someday I will learn photo-shop. So I will check them out.

  5. Thanks for doing this post, Janelle! I've been sad ever since I heard the Picnik news, and I've been using it as much as I could until it shuts down. I've dreaded signing up for Google+, because I was sure it couldn't possibly be as easy as Picnik. Going to check out the monkey one right now. YAY, so excited!!!

  6. I'm going to miss picnik too...haven't checked out picmonkey yet...thanks for stopping by my blog - appreciate it!

  7. I've got to take a better look at pic monkey. Thanks for sharing this info with us!!

  8. I went , I saw, I bookmarked it! I have to use this this time, never got involved with Picnik...guess that was a good thing! Thanks! :)

  9. That is too funny. I am delighted to be following back. That's the second time I've heard about the monkey thing, got to check it out.

  10. I had just paid for my second year's subscription when I received the darn email. I can't wait to buzz on over and see what this PicMonkey's all about. :-)

    Oh how I'd love to send you some of this liquid sunshine. It really gets to a person after a while. I don't even want to leave the was SUNNY today! What a lovely break. It's been weeks and weeks and weeks of POURING rain. Not drizzle, not showers, total downpours. Awful.

    Hope some nice sprinkles come your way so you can avoid all the stuff that comes along with super dry weather.

    Happy Easter!


  11. Okay, I found PicMonkey and it is really fun. I will enjoy experimenting with it. Hope you have a great week and a happy Easter!

  12. Thanks for telling us about PicMonkey. Heading over there now:)


  13. You've made my day...visiting here was really treat, and reading about a reworked Picnik was great news. I've really not wanted to join Google+. You've made my day! And, I've found a fun new blog...oh, joy!

  14. My bloggy friend used to LOVE aqua and red. Her blog was even in those colors. Right now, I am decorating a room in pink and torqoise, which is similar to aqua. Turquoise and aqua are such pretty colors.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  15. Interesting! Red and aqua are great together, aren't they?

  16. Hi sweet Bee!
    Thank you for sharing Picmonkey! I was sad when Picnik pulled the plug...but, then there was the cutest little monkey that popped up! I am happy as a clam with it. I miss a few of the fonts, but overall am pleased.
    Carolynn..."Chenille Cottage" (My new blog)


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