Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lucky at Thriftin' and Lucky in a Giveaway

Lucky Thriftin'!
Worker Bee and Baby Bee were gone to a dance showcase in Northern California this weekend so while the bees were away the Thriftin' Bee went out and played.
 Isn't it pretty?  I was charmed!
And I have to be honest - I didn't even now it was from Tiffany until today when I was taking some pictures. 
I haven't found a lot of information on this, but I think these were sold from 1998-2010 from the Tiffany's catalog.  

Now, should I keep it or try to sell it on ebay???

Baby Bee has decided that for her 12th birthday (which is in February 2013) that she wants a tea party. So I thought it wasn't too early to start finding teacups for favors for her guests.  Here's the first one!
 Looks like a wild rose to me.  What do you think?
Wish I could read the bottom.  Any ideas on who the manufacturer might be?

Also found another globe - but NOT vintage.  
As Worker Bee (the geography major) informed me - any globe that has Myanmar instead of Burma is at least from the 1990s.  (Plus Russia instead of USSR was also a giveaway.)
I'm thinking I might use THIS globe for crafting instead of the one I bought a few months ago.  

Lucky Giveaway Winner!

Have you met Heather from Vintage Grey?
Sweet vintage inspired blog!
She just recently opened an Etsy shop.  
To celebrate her new shop, she had a giveaway and I won! 
A sweet little fat quarter (yes, events seem to be conspiring to get me to sew this summer)
 one of her charmingly embellished tea towels.
 Look at that sweet crocheted edging!
Sweet little patchwork tag! 
More sweetness - look at that applique (Dresden plate?) on the edge of the towel!
Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you - that's a lace hanging loop!
And last but not least - check out the fabric in my favorite color combo right now - aqua and red!

Thanks for buzzing by!
Your visits and comments are such a treat!



  1. Your teacup looks to be a GROSVENOR.

  2. It's so hard trying to decide whether or not to keep something you find when thrifting isn't it? The Tiffany piece is really pretty!
    Heather at Vintage Grey is so sweet! And it looks like she was even so generous as to give you some of that wonderful red and pink rose fabric that she loves so much! It's beautiful! I've got to get to her Etsy shop asap!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, Janelle love the tea sets!! So pretty, and I think it would be fun to keep them, and have them at your daughters tea party!! The Tiffany is beautiful, and looks like it would be worth some money, though. I am so happy you received your sweet package!! Your so sweet, and you my dear deserved it!! Enjoy, and can't wait to see what you create with the pretty fabric!! Have a great night!! ;) xo Heather

  4. wow that cup from tiffanys is amazing. I think it is called majolica. Good score. my daughter bidal shower was a tea party. Congrats on your win lovely things for sure.

  5. I love tea cups and that your daughter is looking forward to a tea party!! I would keep both for her party!! And what a lucky girl to win Heather's giveaway!! She's very talented.


  6. Aqua and red, I love, my guest bathroom colors also. Congrats on the give away win. I still remember when I won your give away prize. I have the spring banner hung acoss my frame in the living room and just used the bowl for a salad luncheon. Winning is such a fun surprise. 'blessings to you

  7. I love aqua and red also! And those teacups are too cute. Congrats on your giveaway win. And thank you for the magazine you sent, I received it the other day -- it has been a real treat.

  8. I am glad you posted your fun prize from Vintage Grey...I bought one of her sweet tea towels and was thinking that someone ought to post pics of her cute details. Thank you!

  9. Love your thrifty finds...the teacups are precious! I like the globe, too. My mother worked in a factory that made globes and we had a ton of them {the rejects}. Do you know there are globes for the planets?!

    Lovely win...I love the fabrics!



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