Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vintage Style Coffee

Sometimes it's just the little things that can make a soul happy.

My mom, Baby Bee, and I ran some errands in the big city today.  One of our stops was Macy's.  Haven't really been there for quite awhile.  (ummm....that was not the little thing that made my soul happy)

So, we're at Macy's and HAVE you heard of this Martha Stewart?  Yeah, she makes some wicked cool kitchen tools.  This Martha lady has this line of vintage style enamel canisters.  She really has a good eye. 
So.....I've been needing an airtight container for my espresso.  The glass jar looks pretty, but my coffee would start to get stale before I finished a whole pound.   
(uh oh - need some new java soon!)
And I bet you can guess where this is going, right?

I found a new coffee canister!  
With a gasket to keep the coffee fresh!  

And a label in JADEITE GREEN!  

See, I told you, it's the little things!  
(And it was on sale - under $10!)

Cannot wait to make my latte tomorrow morning!

Pssst......can you tell I've been playing on PicMonkey

And Martha has flour, sugar, and tea canisters too!  Ssssssweet!

and one more thing.....

Susan Branch is a bad influence on me.
Do you see what she made me do?
Love Susan, but I'm blaming it all on her.
Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Oh, I love the canister and coffee, too!!! The jadeite green is beautiful!! I might have to get one myself!! Thanks for sharing!! ;) xo Heather

  2. I am waiting for my e-bay purchased Jadeite batter bowl to arrive. Can't wait...it really is the lil things that make our hearts soar.

  3. What a great canister! And like you said it will match your jadite collection. I read in a magazine, that Martha Stewart has quite a large collection of jadite. Go figure!
    So glad you had fun!

  4. I am loving your canister! I am thinking a trip to Macy's is in my near future!

  5. I have always loved Martha's things. Oh yes, we are on a first name basis!! The canister is fantastic...and however did you refrain from getting the rest of them?

  6. I love your new coffee canister and the green jadite writing is perfect. I love Susan Branch and she does influence you ... I know!
    Now I am off the check our PicMonkey!

  7. Lovin' your new coffee canister!

    Thanks for your recent visit!
    In reply to yoyur comment we got the chance to stay in a house the was right in Carmel! Super cool!
    Have a lovely day!

  8. Isn't it fun when you find something that's "just right" and needs a home?! Good for you. While not a coffee drinker, I can see me sipping chocolaty cocoa in that lovely cup...yes, that Susan is certainly an influence (for good!)

  9. So cool! I haven't been to a Macy's in ages! But the next time I'm near one, I'm going to get one of those canisters!

  10. OK, well I am going to blame on you my new love affair with a jade kitchen. AND I painted the wainscoting and trim green, and NOW I need to go to Macy's and buy these tins?! Is there no end to your influence?? Or should I blame Pintrest?

  11. And it's so YOU!!!! Great buy sweet Bee...Hope you have a wonderful Good Friday & Blessed Easter Sunday! Hugs to you and yours, Mica

  12. That canister is so cute and I can't believe it was less than $10! Great score!
    Have a blessed and happy Easter:>)

  13. Hey... I heard of that Martha chick... :)

    Very cute. I have gift card to Macy's and a day off on Monday... hmmmmmmm :)

    Have a Happy Easter! :)



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