Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vintage & Easter Random

Two random things to share with you.....

First, I was a bit naughty and spent some of my etsy money on something for me!  

After church on Sunday, there was a small little antique/craft show in the city park.  I convinced Worker Bee and Baby Bee to buzz by (although they stayed in the car - it was that small) and check it out.  Well, the Boring Bees stayed in the car and I ventured out.  Found this sweet couple where everything was 1/2 off.  Lots of cute stuff, but I'm on a budget so I only bought one vintage treasure.......
It looks like jadeite.
I have some reproduction jadeite and authentic vintage jadeite and this feels more like vintage
but the color is a little off.
See it compared to my Jane Ray jadeite teacup? 
The couple was so nice and the man gave me what I felt was a good deal - vintage or not - from one collector to another.
Do you think $10 was too much?

 Second, I also have to share my favorite Easter vignette this year.  (No, I haven't taken down my Easter decorations yet - I got them out so late this year I wanted to enjoy them for a bit.)
I TOTALLY stole this idea from the Fabulous Phyllis!

We went over to her house for a bit during Spring Break and she had all these cute bunnies on pedestals with Easter grass strewn about.
So I used a milk glass pedestal cake plate for one of the bunnies and a Martha Stewart jadeite small cake pedestal for another bunny (my one splurge from the old MS catalog).
She also has these FABULOUS crackle Easter egg lights (I always wanted to buy them from her, but she wasn't selling - can't say I blame her.)
And then I remembered I had these paper lights and while they weren't as fabulous as Phyllis's I thought they would be a good substitute.  
I love it!  It just makes me smile and appreciate my friend, Easter, spring, and bunnies! (Yes, all that in one little vignette.  I'm easy that way.)
Thanks for buzzing by for a visit!
I'm always so delighted to see you've popped in!

P.S.  Don't you think the Fabulous Phyllis should start her own blog?  (I think we might just do that this summer!)

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  1. Your Easter display is so pretty! I would leave it up awhile too!
    Erica :)

  2. Love it...you should get something you love once in a while. ten isn't too bad especially if you LOVE the piece, it looks like jadite and goes well with what you have...and I love the vignette...oh man, I am going to copy next year...So CUTE!!!! Hugs, Mica

  3. I don't think $10 was too much for the covered dish. Vintage or not it's darling, looks like it's in great shape, and it has it's lid!!! Oh, and you loved it! The most important part!
    The Easter display is just great too!!

  4. Your Easter display is beautiful!! Love your new treasure, and that sweet vintage recipe box!! Have a great day!! xo Heather

  5. Very cute! Love both the bowl (cool lid!) and vignette-enjoy:@)

  6. Wow, I love the covred bowl! I have never seen one with a lid like that. Real or repro it's beautiful. $10 was a steal:>)
    Your Easter display is so pretty, I would keep that up too. I never really got much of anything out this Easter for decorating. Too busy with other things. It's fun to see what everyone else does, and maybe file the ideas away for next year!

  7. I love your find 10.00 does not seem to much to me.
    your easter display is wonderful. I still have easter up we just celebrated last sunday.
    have a great day

  8. I love your nice vintage bowl. I think 10.00 was a good price. That is a wonderful Easter display as well...blessings

  9. Oh, what a lovely bowl. I think you got a great deal on it! I have one Jadite bowl and want more pieces. They are so hard to kind around here and when I do find one - too expensive! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. I think the price was great. Even new at Target that would have been more. Love the bunny decor. Great idea you stole ;)

  11. Love the jadite bowl. The price is a steal.

  12. If it is heavy it is probably real. I still think it was a great deal. The recipe box in the picture I have also. It was my mom's.

    Love the Easter setting!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  13. I really like this post.It feels just like Me.Love your find in the park-10.00 was good.Your Easter display is perfect.I like when other bloggers post feel just right for Me :)

  14. I just had to write to thank you for the very sweet comment. It made me smile. I was so happy to hear your mom loves what I did. I usually feel I am such a dork and the stuff I do is probably very amateurish and will leave people shaking their heads, wondering. But I just kinda do my thing and figure people already think I am a little goofy, and it's my room after all so who cares, right? :) I have been going crazy down here. You all haven't seen even half of it. I'll be posting more later. I have just been super busy taking care of mom and trying to finish things up so I am a little behind in posting. Tell Mom I love her for making my day, and thinking what I did wasn't crazy, and I hope she enjoys the rest of it when it is finished. Love your vintage bowl and decorating by the way!!!

  15. Glad I could inspire you with my Easter display. I wasn't sure if there was too much Easter grass. I love your jadeite bowl. My friend told me about the park thing but my budget was extremely tight this week. Talk to you soon. Fabulous Phyllis

  16. Love your new Jadite bowl with the lid! And I definitely like the elevated bunnies!

  17. I think you got a great deal! I love that bowl and jadite is just so pretty!! Your Easter decor is so pretty too!! Glad you linked in today.Happy VTT

  18. Love your Jadite bowl! Such a pretty color! I have one Jadite bowl and love it.
    Your Easter decor is lovely with the elevated bunnies and eggs!

  19. Love your jadeite bowl! I haven't seen that one before. Thakns so much for your visit!

  20. I just couldn't help but notice the recipe box by the Jadite bowl. My mom used to have one just like that and I wonder what ever happened to it. It brought back some beautiful memories. And for the record, I don't think you are naughty for picking up that fun bowl for yourself!

  21. LOVE your Easter vignette and those dishes!!!! What a find you lucky duck!!! Make me a latte!!! ;) WE would have so much fun fleaing together! ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  22. What a find! Good for you, and $10. !!!! Thanks Mister. =) I'd have bought it too. Shopping is delicious...now and again.

  23. Glad you shared your vintage finds with us.

  24. Wow, just look at the ridges in that bowl, and the set in handle on the lid is really great! I would have bought it for $10 and would still be doing a dance! Who cares if it is a repro or not? I know I would love having it either way! So I am so happy for you? Even a little jealous! I also love your cake stands. Funny, I don't have one and have wanted one for years! Note to self. Look for cake stand.

  25. I think your new covered bowl might be Fire King. I have Jadeite and Fire King and the Fire King is always a different color from the Jadeite. Just wondering...
    Kathy L from Colorado

  26. I know this is an older post but I wanted to tell you the Jadeite covered dish was made by Jeanette Glass Co. in the 30s. It is a grease / dripping jar and the reason it looks "off" next to the others is Hazel Atlas produced your Jane Ray pattern and different manufacturers have slight differences in color. $10 is a steal! It's worth at least $45. Nice work!


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