Saturday, April 14, 2012

Estate Sale & Thrift Finds!

Oh it's been so gloomy here in Central California!

We had Rainy Day schedules for three days with the students. 
No recess for the kids and no recess for the teachers!  Thunder woke us up in the middle of the night and - this is how rare lightning is in our part of the country - we had to keep the kids in class at the very end of the day because of a severe ground lightning threat.  We don't have a procedure for that!  It was pouring rain and parents were waiting in the car and didn't know why we weren't releasing the kids.  The teachers were all calling each other, saying......what do we do?  I bet we'll have a procedure now! 

Well Baby Bee and I had to get out today.  
So we went to our favorite thrift store and to an estate sale.

We got there late, so there weren't a lot of things left, but I did find these...
I think they are pudding cups.  (I LOVE pudding - especially chocolate pudding!)  
didn't realize I already had a piece from Universal Potteries of Cambridge, Ohio....
This sweet milk jug.  It isn't labeled on the bottom, but after researching the company, I'm pretty sure this is also from Universal Potteries.

At the thrift store I spent $0.75 on this cute sherbet glass - maybe the start of a new collection!
(If I only ever find one, do you have any ideas on what to do with it?)

Not a big haul, but delightful nonetheless. 

And thanks to all that gloomy weather, I'm making homemade split pea soup for dinner tonight.  

Smells so good and yummy for the tummy and soothing for the soul!
Thanks for buzzing in!


  1. You know how to make things inviting and cozy. Your pottery is very nice. That lightening scare sounded bad. Glad all is well...

  2. Isn't it relaxing to go thrifting.I did the same a few days ago.Yes,I was totally wet after picking up a couple of My Grandkids from school the other day :)

  3. Your thirfting produces some really great finds! I love the sherbet glass with the red stripes! Maybe a little votive candle?


  4. What pretty finds!! I like the pretty blue milk jug!! What grade do you teach? Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! xo Heather

  5. We heard a little about your lightning on the news. It looked ominous, so glad everyone was okay.

    Love the pudding cups and pitcher, they go well together.

    Your soup sounds good...a favorite of my hubby's!


  6. We did not get as severe weather as you guys but it sure did rain and of course I had no umbrella and was soaked at the market. That lightning must have been scary for all the kids. Nice and sunny now though yeah!!

  7. Oh no ~ no recess?? That's pure torture. Your junking finds are great. I especially like the pudding cups and the little sherbet glass. Have a wonderful Sunday ;-)

  8. I had a great day yard saling yesterday. Four advertised yard sales plus we found three from just driving around. I'm so amazed that people have already started this early in our parts having yard sales. One place we went was LOADED with amazing things. My goodness, I kept thinking about all my American friends..if they could just come here. Our prices at yard sales are soooooooooooooooooooooooo cheap! I picked up amazing finds. Quite excited.

  9. I certainly hope all is well at your house. Some of that weather has been terrible! Now I love those cute little pudding cups you found. You did well to get so many.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. What cute pudding cups you found. I thought for sure you were going to say that you were cooking pudding tonight! And I sooooooooo understand what it's like not having recess for 3 days. Hope you have better weather this week.

  11. Love all your finds especially the blue pitcher. I could use some chocolate pudding in the cups as well :)
    Maybe this week will be better weather in your area!


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